Challenge 9: System Optimization in .NET

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Challenge 9: System Optimization
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Has physical system performance for all or speci c modes of operation been optimized based on a set of pre-de ned set of weighted criteria supported by stakeholders
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Challenge 10: Phases and Modes of Operation
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Does the Physical Domain Solution provide all of the capabilities required to support MISSION SYSTEM operations and most likely and worst case scenarios in all planned phases and modes of operation
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The Physical Domain Solution de nes and documents the physical characteristics as design requirements that will be used to procure, fabricate, assemble, code, inspect, and test the components that will be integrated to form the system to be veri ed and validated. Work products that capture the Physical Domain Solution consist of the following: Item development speci cations (IDS) Performance budgets and design safety margins
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Developing an Entity s Physical Domain Solution
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Physical system architecture Interface control documents (ICDs) Interface design descriptions (IDDs) Assembly drawings Wiring diagrams Schematics Bill of materials (BOM) Program design language (PDL) Source code Software design descriptions (SDDs) System descriptions Analyses Trade studies Technical reports Requirements traceability matrices (RTMs) Prototypes Technical demonstrations Models and simulations Test data and results Timing diagrams Engineering change proposals (ECPs) Change requests (CRs) Test plans and procedures Brie ngs Conference minutes and action items
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In summary, the preceding discussions provide the basis with which to establish the guiding principles that govern development of an entity s Physical Domain Solution practices. Principle 40.1 The Physical Domain Solution represents a physical con guration of items that implement one of more elements of the Behavioral Domain Solution allocated to the items. Principle 40.2 The Physical Domain Solution must be consistent with and traceable to the Requirements, Operations, and Physical Domain Solutions. Principle 40.3 Investigate ALL Physical Design Solution documentation, especially User guides, for ways the guides can be misinterpreted. Principle 40.4 Increases in physical item part counts decrease system reliability; investigate ways to reduce parts counts to improve system reliability.
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Additional Reading
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We described the system solution development methodology steps used to derive the physical system architecture. The discussion described how the Behavioral Domain Solution provides the basis for: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Formulating candidate physical system architectures. Evaluating, recommending, and selecting the physical system architectures. Linking the physical architecture to the requirements, operational, and behavioral architectures. Optimizing the physical system architectures. Linking the physical system architectures to system phases and modes of operation.
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1. Answer each of the What You Should Learn from This questions identi ed in the Introduction. 2. Refer to the list of systems identi ed in 2. Based on a selection from the preceding chapter s General Exercises or a new system selection, apply your knowledge derived from this chapter s topical discussions. Speci cally identify the following: (a) The entity s physical architecture solution. (b) Describe how it traces to its Requirements, Operations, and Behavioral Domain Solutions. (c) Describe the type of architecture (central, distributed, client server, etc.) best suited for this application
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1. Research your organization s command media. What guidance is provided regarding development of the Physical Domain Solution Document and report your results. 2. Contact a contract program within your organization. Interview the lead SEs and research HOW the program (a) formulated its Behavioral Domain Solution, (b) manages the requirements baselines, and (c) links to the Requirements Domain Solution, Operations Domain Solution, and Behavioral Domain Solution. 3. Select one of your organization s system speci cations and develop a high-level Physical Domain Solution.
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MIL-STD-1629A (cancelled). 1984. Military Standard Procedures for Performing a Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis. Washington, DC: Department of Defense (DoD). Buede, Dennis M. 2000. The Engineering Design of Systems: Models and Methods. New York: Wiley.
Lano, R.J. 1977. The N2 Chart. System and Software Requirements Engineering. IEEE Computer Society Press.