Developing an Entity s Operations Domain Solution in .NET

Encoder Code128 in .NET Developing an Entity s Operations Domain Solution
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Developing an Entity s Operations Domain Solution
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1. Research your organization s command media. What guidance is provided regarding development of the Operations Domain Solution Document and report your results. 2. Contact a contract program within your organization. Interview the Lead SEs and research HOW the program: (a) Formulated its Operations Domain Solution. (b) Manages the requirements baselines. (c) Links the Requirements Domain Solution to the Operations Domain Solution. 3. Select one of your organization s system speci cations and develop a high-level Operations Domain Solution.
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MIL-STD-499B (cancelled draft). 1994. Systems Engineering. Washington, DC: Department of Defense (DoD).
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DI-IPSC-81430. 1994. Operational Concept Description. DoD Data Item Description (DID). Washington, DC: Department of Defense (DoD).
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Developing an Entity s Behavioral Domain Solution
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As the Operational Domain Solution evolves and matures, the next stage is to establish the entity s Behavioral Domain Solution. During this stage of SE design we elaborate HOW the User might envision the system sensing, reacting to, processing inputs, and responding to stimuli and cues internal and external to the system. We do this by identifying WHAT behavioral interactions occur between Operational Domain Solution elements to accomplish mission objectives. This stage also represents what may be the: 1. Most critical and neglected stage of SE design. 2. Source of many problems that do not surface until System Integration, Test, and Evaluation (SITE). When new system development is started, engineers often begin at the wrong end of the system design solution which is the Physical Domain Solution. They tend to prematurely focus on hardware and software designs, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), data communications rates, and hardware and software selection. They do this without stopping to understand: 1. HOW the system is expected to react and respond to operator and external stimuli. 2. HOW WELL the responses are to be performed. As a design paradigm, this is a model for disaster. The design paradigm is exacerbated by inexperienced, egotistical decision makers who charge ahead and mandate that if you are not cutting metal, coding software, and soldering PC board components the FIRST week after Contract Award, the program is behind schedule. Author s Note 39.1 The design paradigm noted above can be characterized as a hobby shop approach. There are well-founded instances where the paradigm may be valid as minor modi cations to existing equipment. The context of this observation relates to complex, medium- to largescale system development programs. Well-disciplined and experienced SEs understand the fallacies and pitfalls of this approach and understand how to tailor the methodology to t within program constraints without diluting the integrity of the methodology. The message here is do the job RIGHT up front for $X+ or pay $2X+ and consume 2X+ schedule attempting to correct these premature and immature approaches to system developSystem Analysis, Design, and Development, by Charles S. Wasson Copyright 2006 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Developing an Entity s Behavioral Domain Solution
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ment. The decision ultimately comes down to Are you running a hobby shop for amateurs or a highly ef cient and effective performing engineering organization This chapter expands on the Behavioral Domain Solution description provided in our discussion of the System Solution Domains. Our discussion addresses the components of the Behavioral Domain Solution: objectives, key elements, sequence in the SE Process Model work ow, development responsibility, dependencies, development methodology, challenges, and work products.
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What You Should Learn from This
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What is the objective of the Behavioral Domain Solution What are the key elements of the Behavioral Domain Solution What is the relationship of the Behavioral Domain Solution to the SE Process Model Explain the relationship of the Behavioral Domain Solution to the Requirements, Operations, and Physical Domain Solutions What is the relationship between speci cation requirements and capabilities What is the methodology used to develop the Behavioral Domain Solution What are the work products that represent the Behavioral Domain Solution How do you verify and validate the Behavioral Domain Solution
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