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Explicitness Readability and understandability
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Terminology Assumptions Con icts Objectivity Accuracy
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33.9 Requirements Minimization Table 33.7 continued ID 20. 21. 22. 23. Criteria Precision Testabability Measurability Veri ability Criteria Question Is the precision of the required level of performance adequate
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If required, can a test or series of tests be devised and instrumented economically with available resources knowledge, skills, and equipment If testable, can the results be measured directly or indirectly derived by analysis of test results If the results of the test can be analyzed either directly or indirectly, can the results be veri ed by inspection, analysis, demonstration, or test to prove full compliance with the requirement Does this requirement pose any signi cant technical, technology, cost, schedule, or support risks
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Level of risk
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SEs often struggle with the rhetorical question how many requirements do you need to specify a system. There are no speci c guidelines or rules; only disciplined and seasoned experience. Contrary to many things in life, speci cation quality is not measured by the QUANTITY of re nements and features. Frightening Yes! But think about it! Every layer of requirements adds restrictions, complexity, cost, and schedule that limit the System Developer s exibility and options to innovate and achieve lower costs, schedule implementation, and risk. How many requirements should an ideal speci cation have Hypothetically, the answer could be ONE requirement; however, a one-requirement speci cation has limited utility. We can nevertheless state that a properly prepared speci cation is one that has the minimal number of requirements but yet enables the User/Acquirer to procure a system that can be veri ed and validated to meet their operational capability and performance needs. How do we emerge with this idyllic speci cation The answer may be found in performance speci cations. Performance speci cations enable SEs to treat a SYSTEM like a box with inputs and outputs (Figure 31.1). The intent is to scope and bound the behavior of a SYSTEM relative to scenarios and conditions in its prescribed OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. This is accomplished via measures of effectiveness (MOEs) and measures of suitability (MOSs) with supporting measures of performance (MOPs). By treating the system characteristics as a performance envelope, we have avoided specifying how the system is to be designed. Referral For more information regarding measures of effectiveness (MOEs), measures of suitability (MOSs), and measures of performance (MOPs), refer to 34 Operational Utility, Suitability, and Effectiveness practices. There is one problem, however, with bounding the SYSTEM at the performance envelope level. If you cast the performance speci cation in a manner that allows too much exibility, the results may unacceptable, especially to the Acquirer. This leaves the System Developer with the challenge or interpretation of determining WHAT speci c capabilities the SYSTEM is to provide and HOW WELL each capability is to be provided. This can be good or bad, depending on your role as an Acquirer or System Developer/Subcontractor.
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Requirements Statement Development
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Since all capabilities may not be considered to be of equal importance by the User, especially in terms of constrained budgets, the User s priority list may be different from the System Developer s PRIORITY list. Author s Note 33.4 Remember, the User is interested in optimizing capabilities and performance while minimizing technical, cost, and schedule risk. The System Developer, depending on type of contract, is also interested in minimizing technical, cost, and schedule risk while optimizing profitability. Thus, unless both parties are willing to work toward an optimal solution that represents a win-win for both parties, con icts can arise regarding these priority viewpoints and organizational objectives can clash. How do we solve this dilemma The Acquirer may be confronted with having to specify additional requirements that more explicitly identify the key capabilities, levels of performance, as well as priorities. The challenge then becomes: At what level does the Acquirer stop specifying requirements Ultimately, the Acquirer could potentially OVERSPECIFY or UNDERSPECIFY the system, depending on budget factors. Additionally, there may be other options for the Acquirer to work around the problem via decision control or approval tasks incorporated into the Contract Statement of Work (SOW). So, what is the optimal number of requirements There are no easy answers. Philosophically, however, we may be able to describe the answer in our next topic, the optimal system requirements concept.
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