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When we characterize systems, especially for marketing or analysis, there are four basic types of characteristics we consider: 1) general characteristics, 2) operating or behavioral characteristics, 3) physical characteristics, and 4) system aesthetics.
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General Characteristics
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The high-level features of a system are its general characteristics. We often see general characteristics stated in marketing brochures where key features are emphasized to capture a client or cus-
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4.5 System Characteristics
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tomer s interest. General characteristics often have some commonality across multiple instances or models of a system. Consider the following examples:
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Automobile General Characteristics Available in two-door or four-door models; convertible or sedan; airconditioned comfort; independent suspension; tinted windows, 22mpg city, 30mpg highway. Aircraft General Characteristics Fanjet, 50-passenger, 2000 nautical mile range, IFR capabilities. Enterprise or Organization General Characteristics 200 employees; staff with 20 PhD, 50 Master, and 30 BS degrees; annual sales of $500 M per annum. Network General Characteristics Client-server architecture, PC and Unix platforms, rewall security, remote dial-up access, Ethernet backbone, network le structure (NFS).
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Operating or Behavioral Characteristics
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At a level of detail below the general characteristics, systems have operating characteristics that describe system features related to usability, survivability, and performance for a prescribed operating environment. Consider the following examples:
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Automobile Operating Characteristics Maneuverability, turn radius of 18 ft, 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds, etc. Aircraft Operating Characteristics All-weather application, speed, etc. Network Operating Characteristics Authorization, access time, latency, etc.
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Physical Characteristics
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Every system is described by physical characteristics that relate to nonfunctional attributes such as size, weight, color, capacity, and interface attributes. Consider the following examples:
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Automobile Physical Characteristics 2000 lbs, curb weight 14.0 cu ft of cargo volume, 43.1 of inches (max). of front leg room, 17.1 gals fuel capacity, 240 horsepower engine at 6250 rpm, turbo, available in 10 colors. Enterprise or Organization Physical Characteristics 5000 sq ft of of ce space, 15 networked computers, 100,000 sq ft warehouse. Network Physical Characteristics 1.0 Mb Ethernet backbone, topography, routers, gateways.
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System Aesthetic Characteristics
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General, operating, and physical characteristics are objective performance parameters. However, what about subjective characteristics We refer to these as system aesthetic characteristics because they relate to the look and feel of a system. Obviously, this includes psychological, sociological, and cultural perspectives that relate to appealing to the User s, Acquirer s, or System Owner s preferences. Thus, some buyers make independent decisions, while others are in uenced by external systems (i.e., other buyers) in matters relating to community or corporate status, image, and the like.
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System Attributes, Properties, and Characteristics
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Every natural and human-made system exists in a state of equilibrium relative to its operating environment. In general, we refer to this as the balance of power. The state of equilibrium depends on how a system exists through its own: 1) level of dominance or 2) subordination by other systems. At any instance of time, a system is typically described by an INITIAL STATE with conditions, statics, dynamics, strengths, weaknesses, or stabilization and a FINAL STATE with behavior, product, by-product, or service-oriented result controlled by the balance of power.
Prerequisite Conditions
System stability, integrity, and consistency of performance require that transitions between system phases, operations, and tasks have clean unambiguous transitions with no rami cations. Thus, systems are assumed by designers to have pre-requisite or initial conditions or criteria that must be accomplished prior to entering the next phase, operation, or task. By de nition, since a system is composed of a set of integrated elements, this is important to ensure that all elements of the system are synchronized and harmonized.
Initial Operating Conditions and State
A system s initial operating conditions consist of the physical and operational states of the system and its surrounding operating environment at the beginning of a system mission phase, operation, or task. Since analyses often require the establishment of basic assumptions for investigating some facet of system phases, operations, or task, initial conditions serve as a snapshot or starting point that captures the assumptions. To illustrate this concept, consider the following example: