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solution 1 solution 2 then Eq. (2.5.34) is reduced to the form (Lewis-Sargent equation)
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where the symbols 1 and 2 designate the electrolytes in solutions 1 and 2 and the A's are the molar conductivities at the given electrolyte concentrations. The minus sign holds when the electrolytes have a common anion and the plus sign holds for a common cation. The Henderson equation for a constantly varying electrolyte mixture approximately approaches conditions for a liquid junction with free diffusion (see Fig. 2.13). The general Planck's solution of the liquid-junction potential is based on the assumption that the fluxes of ions in the liquid junction are in a steady state. As the mathematical treatment is rather space-consuming the reader is recommended to inspect a more recent treatment of this by W. E. Morf
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Fig. 2.13 Examples of liquid junctions: (A) liquid junction with 'free' diffusion is formed in a three-way cock which connects the solution under investigation with the salt bridge solution; (B) liquid junction with restrained diffusion is formed in a ceramic plug which connects the salt bridge with the investigated solution
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(Anal. Chem.y 49, 810, 1977). Planck's model corresponds to the liquid junction formed inside rather thin-pore diaphragms (Fig. 2.13B). However, useful arrangements are made to practically eliminate the diffusion potential, i.e. reduce it to the smallest possible value, in potentiometric measurements not concerned directly with measuring the liquid junction potential, e.g. pH measurements, potentiometric titrations, etc. This is achieved by using a salt bridge connecting the two solutions, consisting, for example, of a tube closed at both ends by a porous material and usually filled with a saturated solution of potassium chloride, ammonium nitrate, or sodium formate (if the presence of chloride or potassium ions is undesirable). The theoretical basis for the use of these salt bridges is that the ions of the bridge solutions are present in a large excess compared with the ions in the electrode compartments, and thus are almost solely responsible for the charge transport across the two boundaries. As the transport numbers of the cations and anions of these excess electrolytes are almost identical, the two newly formed diffusion potentials are small and act in opposite directions, so that the final diffusion potential is negligible. For example, the diffusion potential at the contact between 0.1 and 0.01 M HC1 is about 40 mV. If a salt bridge containing a saturated potassium chloride solution is placed between the two solutions, the diffusion potential is about 3 mV on the side with the more dilute solution and about 5 mV on the side with the more concentrated solution. The final potential difference is about 2 mV, which is insignificant in many applications. In potentiometric measurements the simplest approach to the liquidjunction problem is to use a reference electrode containing a saturated solution of potassium chloride, for example the saturated calomel electrode (p. 177). The effect of the diffusion potential is completely suppressed if the solutions in contact contain the same indifferent electrolyte in a sufficient
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115 excess, which increases the overall conductivity of the solutions (cf. Eq. 2.5.28). 2.5.4 The diffusion coefficient in electrolyte solutions
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As demonstrated in the preceding section, an electric potential gradient is formed in electrolyte solutions as a result of diffusion alone. Let us assume that no electric current passes through the solution and convection is absent. The Nernst-Planck equation (2.5.24) then has the form: J, = - A grad c, - - ^ UiCi grad 0dif (2.5.36)
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Substitution from Eq. (2.3.22) into Eq. (2.5.36) yields the following relationship for dilute solutions: D zF
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