A New Stage in ODBMS Normalization: Myth or Reality in Java

Generate QR Code in Java A New Stage in ODBMS Normalization: Myth or Reality
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A New Stage in ODBMS Normalization: Myth or Reality
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Object database management systems (ODBMSs) result from two radically different approaches: Language-oriented ODBMSs, where a programming language, generally C++, is extended with persistence capabilities Model-oriented ODBMSs, where a specific object model is the foundation of the database development process Until two years ago, in spite of the Object Database Management Group (ODMG) standards initiative, this duality really had not yet evolved. With the emergence of ODMG 2.0 and Java, the editors of the ODMG standard claim that they have achieved a new level of maturity, trying to add new members concerned with object storage to their organization. This chapter summarizes our recent investigations of the ODMG standard through ODBMS technology. First, our personal concerns on ODMG are presented, particularly against SQL3. We then present the main results of a project we undertook to experiment with O2 and Versant for an internal XML document management system with fine-grained information storage and retrieval features.
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State of the ODBMS Market
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Object DBMSs have existed for more than 10 years. During this time, although we have seen increasing acceptance and deployment of object technologies in software 91
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development, ODBMS vendors have not crossed the chasm of the market maturation model presented by [Loomis 1995]; namely to enlarge their typical users' profile (innovators and early adopters of high-technology products) to a broader majority. Furthermore, their relative share of the total DBMS market is still very small. This observation is confirmed by the current reorientation of most ODBMS vendors toward the middleware market (or even more recently in the XML and e-commerce arenas), promoting their products as fast cache object servers, rather than DBMSs. Three major reasons may explain this state of the ODBMS market: Relational DBMSs represent the second DBMS generation and the great data management revolution of the 1980s. Many companies invested massively in this technology during the late 1980s, just before the commercialization of ODBMS products. Legacy systems rebuilt during that time are still recent, so that most customers expect evolution from database management technologies rather than a new revolution. In that sense, current narrow ODBMS market ruches are not a surprise. Deductive DBMSs, a still-active research domain and initially a very promising one (these systems were the potential legitimate successors to RDBMSs, even according to the RDBMS research community), also faced this reality at a previous step of maturation. Standards are even more important for ODBMSs than for RDBMSs, because vendors are relatively small companies (except for Computer Associates with its recent Jasmine product) and object technology is much more complex than relational technology (due to the underlying model). However, ODBMS vendors have delayed on standards issues. Furthermore, the great differences between products (theoretical foundations, language- or model-oriented DBMSs, active or passive database, unique query language or not, etc.) didn't favor the idea of a cohesive and safe-buy technology. It is only since ODMG 2.0 and the Java wave that many of the ODBMS vendors have really manifested their endorsement of a standard. As a comparison to the RDBMS world, Sybase was in a similar position to ODBMS vendors just prior to gaining popularity, in view of its financial market niche, but it implemented and promoted SQL from the very beginning. Many object developers of the early 1990s didn't have a "databasey" culture [Maier 1998]; they did everything as much as possible by hand or with a basic library to store and retrieve objects on disk: an ODBMS was hardly considered more than yet another library. On the other hand, RDBMS users were not fond of languages like C++ and favored fourth-generation languages, especially those directly integrated in RDBMS engines (e.g., Transact SQL in Sybase or Pro SQL in Oracle). Technical factors, such as performance, tuning, durability or confidentiality had their own effect upon this market but, it seems, to a lesser extent and in a way that is more open to controversy. And yet other current techniques for describing, storing, and retrieving large volumes of complex objects are far from ideal: Object/relational mapping products (such as Persistence or DBTools from Roguewave) are specific approaches with no standard interface. Object extensions to RDBMSs are late; SQL3 as the replacement for the current SQL standard (ISO 1992) has been delayed, although most extensions were specified in
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