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UML inverse relationship mappings in PostgreSQL use the same UML-to-O8 mapping principles. The first alternative is to use a function to determine the inverse relationship. This approach could face function name conflicts caused by the same inverse attribute names for different tables since all PostgreSQL functions have to be defined globally and are not encapsulated as in Oracle 8 member functions. The other approach is to have an attribute of OID type to store the inverse relationship information. This approach needs the PostgreSQL rule system to maintain the integrity of the OID. UML derived attributes would also be mapped using PostgreSQL functions, which can cause name conflicts between derived attributes with the same name but used for different tables. The advantage of PostgreSQL over Oracle 8, however, is its support for inheritance. In PostgreSQL, there is no need to create multiple table views as in the O8 mapping scheme, since object tables in PostgreSQL can be organized into inheritance hierarchies. For mapping comparisons to object-oriented database technology, we used Objectivity/DB [Objectivity 1995], a commercial object-oriented database system that is compliant with the ODMG-93 standard [ODMG 1996]. A UML class is represented in Objectivity/DB using a class that inherits from ooObj class. UML inheritance hierarchies can be mapped directly to Objectivity inheritance hierarchies. To support persistent inheritance, only the supertype of the type hierarchy needs to be inherited from the ooObj class. Creation of Objectivity classes that represent multiple inheritance are required to enforce overlapping subclasses in UML. The ability to redefine the default constructor for Objectivity classes can be utilized to enforce UML subclass constraints. By default, every Objectivity persistent class inherits a virtual function called ooValidate from ooObj class. The ooValidate function can be overridden to do any necessary constraint checking that can be called from the persistent class constructors. Object instances that inherit from ooObj can have to-one or to-many relationships to other ooObj instances. Objectivity supports both unidirectional relationships and bidirectional relationships that can be maintained automatically by the database system. Bidirectional relationships can be viewed as inverse relationships. These ooObj features can be used directly for the UML forward and inverse relationships without any triggers or member function simulations as in O8 and PostgreSQL. Expressing a derived attribute in Objectivity is implemented simply by using the class public member function. Collection types can be represented using the Objectivity array called ooVArray, a generic variable array that can contain elements of the same type. The primary advantage of an object-relational system such as Oracle 8 over the use of an object-oriented database is found in the use of SQL. Most object-oriented databases do not yet support the advanced query facilities found in object-relational systems.
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This chapter has described the fundamental issues associated with mapping UML class diagrams to object-relational schemas using the Oracle 8 object-relational system as a framework to define the basic mapping issues. The mapping defined in this research has been targeted to utilize most of the object features within Oracle 8. In particular:
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Mapping UML Diagrams to Object-Relational Schemas in Oracle 8
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Object types support the creation of abstract data types that correspond to class definitions in UML and to other, user-defined complex types that are needed for attribute definitions. Object tables are created from object types and used to hold persistent instances with object identifiers that correspond to UML class objects. Embedded objects are used to define complex attribute values from user-defined object types. Object references (REFs) are used to define relationships between objects. VARRAYS and nested tables are used to implement multivalued attributes and multivalued relationships between objects. Triggers are used to maintain inverse relationships between objects. Relational views and instead of triggers are used to simulate the functionality of UML class hierarchies. Our work with mapping UML to an object-relational model demonstrates several important results about the use of object-relational concepts. As with the relational model, designing an application directly through the creation of an object-relational schema can be a difficult task; it is still more desirable to design an application at a higher level using a modeling language such as UML. The generation of the underlying implementation schema, however, is complicated by the advanced features of the object-relational model. More alternatives must be considered in the translation process to exploit fully the use of object-relational features. As a result, the designer may need to be more involved in decisions about the final mapping solutions and in filling in the details associated with views, triggers, and user-defined types. Ideally, automatic schema translation tools are needed that understand the different mapping options and interact with the designer in the effective use of object-relational technology.
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