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Embedded Objects
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In addition to supporting the creation of object tables, object types can also be used to create embedded objects. Embedded objects are used to support user-defined types that do not need to be represented as independent objects with object identifiers. Embedded objects are stored directly inside of other objects and are created by using the object type definition as an attribute type rather than using a REF to an object type. In the definition of the person object type in Listing 2.3, the type date_t is used as an embedded object to define the DOB (date of birth) attribute of a person object. The definition of date_t is shown in Listing 2.10, where a date is defined to consist of day, month, and year attributes together with functions for validating a date value. The date_t object type therefore encapsulates the semantics of date values. A person object p can then refer to p.DOB.year, for example, to return the year in which the person was born. Using this approach, a date does not have an object identifier but exists as a complex object inside of another object type. Embedded objects can also be used as attribute values in relational tables. In the School Database example, we have also used user-defined object types to implement enumeration types that serve as embedded objects. For example, the month attribute in Listing 2.10 is defined using another object type months_t, where months_t is used to define valid month values. The current_year and persons_rank types are also used as embedded objects for enumeration values in the person object type definition of Listing 2.3. The current_year type defines the enumeration values of freshman, sophomore,
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Mapping UML Diagrams to Object-Relational Schemas in Oracle 8
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CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE date_t AS OBJECT ( day INTEGER, month months_t, year INTEGER, MEMBER FUNCTION ivalidation MEMBER FUNCTION valid_date (par IN date_t) MEMBER FUNCTION leap_year (year IN INTEGER)
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Listing 2.10 The date_t object type definition for use as an embedded object. junior, senior, and graduate. The persons_rank type defines enumeration values that are used to identify a faculty member as being either an assistant, associate, or full professor. Listing 2.11 shows the object type definition for months_t, together with the table definition that enumerates the valid month values and also associates each value with an internal numeric index. The implementations of the functions and procedures associated
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CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE months_t AS OBJECT ( current_choice INTEGER, MAP MEMBER FUNCTION type_value RETURN INTEGER, MEMBER FUNCTION ivalidation RETURN BOOLEAN, MEMBER FUNCTION ivalidation(choice IN INTEGER) RETURN BOOLEAN, MEMBER FUNCTION ivalidation(choice IN VARCHAR2) RETURN BOOLEAN, MEMBER FUNCTION get_value RETURN INTEGER, MEMBER FUNCTION get_enumerated RETURN VARCHAR2, MEMBER PROCEDURE set_value (new_choice IN INTEGER), MEMBER PROCEDURE set_enumerated (new_choice IN VARCHAR2)); CREATE TABLE months_choices { elem_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, element VARCHAR2(200) UNIQUE); INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO months_choices months_choices months_choices months_choices months_choices months_choices months_choices months_choices months_choices months_choices months_choices months_choices VALUES VALUES VALUES VALUES VALUES VALUES VALUES VALUES VALUES VALUES VALUES VALUES ( 0, 'January'); ( 1, 'February'); ( 2, 'March'); ( 3, 'April'); ( 4, 'May'); ( 5, 'June'); ( 6, 'July'); ( 7, 'August'); ( 8, 'September'); ( 9, 'October'); (10, 'November'); (11, 'December');
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Listing 2.11 The month_t object type definition for defining enumeration types.
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with months_t (not shown in Listing 2.11) use the table months_choices to ensure that only valid month values are assigned to the current_choice attribute of months_t. The technique for defining enumeration types used in the School Database example is based on the technique described by Tjahjadi in [Tjahjadi 1997]. Embedded objects are especially useful in support of mappings from UML schemas. UML class diagrams provide the user with flexibility in specifying the types of attribute values. Using embedded objects in O8, a developer can implement userdefined types that correspond to the types used in the UML specification. Unlike other object-relational systems, object types in O8 fully support encapsulation, where function and procedure definitions can be associated explicitly with type definitions.
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