5: A New Stage in ODBMS Normalization: Myth or Reality in Java

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5: A New Stage in ODBMS Normalization: Myth or Reality
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Sylvain Guennou is a senior consultant at the computer science R&D department of Caisse des Depots Group. With a theoretical and practical background of 15 years in Database Systems, his interests concern advanced database technologies like object, object-relational, deductive, time series or semi structured databases. Sylvain Guennou can be reached at sylvain.guennou@icdc.caissedesdepots.fr.
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6: PDOM: Lightweight Persistency Support
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Gerald Huck is a member of research staff of GMD's Institute for Integrated Publication and Information Systems (IPSI) in Darmstadt, Germany. His research interests are methods and technologies for processing and managing semi-structured data, and their application in XML-middleware. Mr. Huck received an M.Sc. from Technical University Darmstadt in 1992 and is participating in European research projects as well as in W3C activities. Mr. Huck can be reached at huck@darmstadt.gmd.de. Ingo Macherius is a member of research staff of GMD's Institute for Integrated Publication and Information Systems (IPSI) in Darmstadt, Germany. His research interests are focused on distributed, autonomous and heterogeneous information systems and their application in mediated e-commerce. Mr. Macherius received an M.Sc. from Clausthal University in 1998 and is participating in several W3C activities, including the XML Query working group. Mr. Macherius can be reached at macherius@gmd.de. Peter Fankhauser is senior researcher and director of the XML Competence Center at the GMD Institute for Integrated Publication and Information Systems (IPSI). His main research and development interests lie in information brokering and transaction brokering. He has been the technical leader in the development of tools for unified access to information retrieval systems, document structure recognition, and the integration of heterogeneous databases. He is member of the W3C XML Query working group, and is one of the editors of the W3C XML-Query Requirements. He has received a PhD in computer science from the Technical University of Vienna in 1997, and has published several reviewed papers and book-chapters on document structure recognition, heterogeneous database integration, and robust transaction protocols for mediated e-commerce. Dr. Fankhauser can be reached at fankhaus@darmstadt.gmd.de.
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7: The Model of Object Primitives (MOP)
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Nektarios Georgalas is a Research Engineer for British Telecommunications PLC. He received his Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece in 1996 and his MPhil in Information Systems Engineering from the Department of Computation, UMIST, Manchester UK in 1998. He is currently working at British Telecommunications PLC (BT) conducting research in the areas of Data Man-
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agement and Distributed Information Systems. He also pursues his BT-sponsored PhD studying the area of heterogeneous data management systems at the Department of Computer Science, Birkbeck College, University of London. His interests cover the areas of internet technologies (Java, XML), middleware, software components, modelling and integration of heterogeneous data. He is a member of the ACM SIGMOD. He can be reached at Nektarios.Georgalas@bt.com.
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8: A Performance Comparison of Object and Relational Databases for Complex Objects
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Erlend Bj rge is a Senior Software Engineer in mogul.com Norway, formerly Numerica-Taskon. His focus is on Web/XML development with DBMS and is currently developing Web solutions with the ODBMS Jasmine ii. Bj rge graduated from Department of Information Science, University of Bergen, in March 1999 and can be reached at erlend@bjorge.net.
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9: Object Databases and Java Architectural Issues
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Asbjarn Danielsert is an Assistant Professor at Narvik Institute of Technology (Hegskolen i Narvik) where he teaches in distributed systems, modern databases, and algorithms and datastructures. He has been working with databases for 12 years and computer science for 20 years. The last three years he has been working with object databases. He holds an MSc. degree in informatics from University of Oslo, Department of Informatics. He can be reached at asd@hin.no.
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JO: Addressing Complexity and Scale in a High Performance Object Server
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Alonso Marquez has a PhD in Computer Sciences from Paris XI University, France (1988). His major research interests include Orthogonal Persistence, Compilation, Dynamic program transformation, Database query optimization, Object Oriented Databases and Multidimensional Databases. This research activity has generated more than twenty publications in journals and proceedings. Dr. Marquez has 5 years of commercial experience in database and web server technologies including the complete design and development of a Web Site Manager System. In July 1998 he joined the Department of Computer Science at the Australian National University. He is now a Sun fellow and the project leader of the Upside project. This project is run by the CRC for Advanced Computational Systems. He can be reached at alonso@cs.anu.edu.au. Steve Blackburn has a PhD in Computer Science from the Australian National University, where his primary research focus was on high performance persistent systems. He was leader of the Upside project at the ANU before leaving for the University of Massachusetts. His current research is focussed on scalable JVM design and implementation. Dr. Blackburn can be reached at steveb@cs.umass.edu.
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