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Seamlessness and Transparency in Object-Oriented Databases
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In this chapter we have related some of our experience and observations regarding Seamlessness and transparency in OODBs. This account has been centered on our usage of and extensions to the Open Object-Oriented Database, which was developed by Texas Instruments (and later Raytheon TI Systems) under DARPA sponsorship. We found the OpenOODB to be unusually seamless and transparent when used with applications written in a single language, but less so when used with multilanguage software. By developing extensions to the OpenOODB to support enhanced name management, interoperability, and persistence for Java, we have attempted to raise OODB Seamlessness and transparency to an even higher level. We believe that our experience in using the OpenOODB and our extensions to it demonstrate both the feasibility and the value of Seamlessness and transparency in OODBs. We hope that this account of our experience and extensions will inspire developers of future OODBs to strive for greater levels of Seamlessness and transparency in the systems that they build. We note, for example, that the OMG's work on persistence services for distributed systems is attempting to provide more seamless and transparent approaches to persistence [OMG 1998]. In the meantime, we will be continuing to investigate approaches for improving OODB support for these important properties.
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Case Studies
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A common argument for using object databases instead of relational databases for some applications is that they provide better capabilities to capture the structure and behavior of objects from the problem domain. There are many examples from the financial and telecommunications industries that show this to be the case. Genetics is another domain where this technology appears to have proved itself useful. Today, many research laboratories and academic institutions exist that are actively undertaking important research into the human genome project, and some have published their experiences with object databases in the recent past. To determine whether advances in object databases over the past few years have led to improved support for genetics work, we have included s 15 and 16. 15, "Experiences Using the ODMG Standard in Bioinformatics Applications" by Paton, provides a discussion and evaluation of a product that claims ODMG compliance, for modeling and analyses of the yeast genome. 16, "An Object-Oriented Database for Managing Genetic Sequences" by Bellahsene and Ripoche, provides a discussion of object and relational databases for genomic data and of how some of the limitations in a prototype using an object database were overcome. Another area that has attracted strong interest in the use of object databases is for modeling geospatial information. Such data consist of features, such as lines and points, that can be awkward to model in a relational database, since they may contain many relationships that incur a performance overhead when trying to reconstruct topological features. 17, "The Geospatial Information Distribution System (GIDS)" by Chung et al., discusses the use of an object database for modeling multidimensional spatial data in a three-tier system, consisting of thin Java clients, CORBA in the middletier, and an object database on the backend. The three technologies worked very successfully together as demonstrated by a warfare simulator that is also described.
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Part Six
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Mergers and acquisitions between organizations are commonplace today. This can be problematic when integrating their Information Technology (IT) systems since companies may use different hardware and software platforms. 18, "Architecture of the Distributed, Multitier Railway Application DaRT" by Zimmermann et al., describes a multitier distributed system that was used to integrate the two different parts of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn AG (from East and West Germany). To improve performance for users, caching was used on the various tiers of their architecture and they evaluate a number of caching policies with database clustering in mind. The experiences reported also demonstrate the benefits of using object technology, although the learning curve for those unfamiliar with this approach can be steep. The lessons reported should be very beneficial to others facing similar system integration problems.
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