Building a Jasmine Database in Java

Encoder qrcode in Java Building a Jasmine Database
Building a Jasmine Database
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Start working on your batch files and scripts to do all of this as soon as your basic classes are built. Have your procedures automated and ready to go at a moment's notice. Again, source and version management tools will integrate extremely well here. Plan your backup strategy. Understand how you will journal and back up stores. Understand the dependencies between stores according to instance data and make sure the right files are backed up in synchronization. Upgrades to the database engine are something you must put a great deal of planning into when a production system is involved. Treat this just as seriously as you would upgrading a relational engine. Test all of these steps and retest with data, and retest as soon as you start acceptance testing (i.e., with real data). Having a strategy in place is nice, but having one that works is rather important.
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Backing Up a Database
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Ideally this discussion should go on to cover client application development around this database, but we do not have the space in this chapter. However, we can cover a final topic: backing up the database schema. We have deliberately picked a hard
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@echo off rem Master batch file for creating the entire database, executing rem all scripts and batch files in the correct sequence. The only rem thing that needs editing is specific Class Family stuff related rem to Aliasing. rem (Assume LOCAL connection is the default one) rem Create stores and Class families: call SetupStores copy local.env %JAS_ENVFILE% rem Define and build all Classes codqlie -execFile Classes.odql rem Construct some test data! codqlie -execFile DataEntry01.odql codqlie -execFile DataEntry02.odql rem Define and compile Methods for classes codqlie -execFile TimeMethods2.odql codqlie -execFile StaffMethods.odql codqlie -execFile PhaseMethods.odql codqlie -execFile ProjectMethods.odql codqlie -execFile ClientMethods.odql codqlie -execFile CompanyMethods.odql
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Listing 13.12
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Master database script (CreateEverything.bat).
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topic duplicating the Jasmine Studio Class family to demonstrate the complexities of backing up multimedia data, and how Class family aliasing can work.
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Creating Duplicates of jadelibCF and mediaCF
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This was mentioned earlier, so how do we copy jadelibCF and mediaCF You need to read the help listings for the JasUnload and JasLoad commands carefully and understand what they are doing. But this is the batch file used (note that these commands are rather long and have been indented to make for easier reading. In the original batch file each JasUnload or JasLoad command forms a single line):
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rem Jasmine must be running here! jasunload %JAS_SYSTEM%\unload\jStudioBackup.uld -s -L %JAS_SYSTEM%\unload\jstudiomethods.lib -m %JAS_SYSTEM%\ur.load\jStudioMedia.uld -K mediaCFl jadelibCFl mediaCFl
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This code creates three files. The class and instance data is about 675K, the methods about 1.5M, and the multimedia instances about 25M. Note that when making the initial copy, we only need the multimedia data instances that are referenced in jadelibCF, but we cannot separate those easily. So it is better to copy them all, and remove unwanted data after it has been deposited elsewhere. This is how we can create new Class families. We have to do this manually before loading them with the Studio data:
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rem Jasmine must be running here! createCF jadelibCFll CastleDemo0l createCF mediaCFll CastleDemo0l jasload %JAS_SYSTEM%\unload\jStudioBackup.uld -1 %JAS_SYSTEM%\unload\jStudiomethods.lib -m %JAS_SYSTEM%\unload\jStudioMedia.uld -M mediaCFl -a %JAS_SYSTEM%\jasmine\data\mmarea jadelibCFl=jadelibCFil mediaCFl=mediaCFll
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Note the jadelibCFl=jadelibCFll mediaCFl=mediaCFll part. This is the most important option. It tells the load routines to change all references of jadelibCFl and mediaCFl to jadelibCFll and mediaCFll, respectively. It is essential to back up and restore the two Class families together to maintain object integrity throughout. If you use multimedia data in your own database, you have to be similarly careful when unloading and loading your application. Starting with an independent mediaCFll is a great help. If we do a listStore now, we will see the following for the CastleDemo0l Store:
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===== S T O R E C O N T E N T S ==================================== Store Name: CastleDemoOl Class Families:
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