Building a Jasmine Database in Java

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Building a Jasmine Database
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In ODQL, we can then use various collection methods to manipulate the results, calculate sums, join two collections into one, and so forth. For example,
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List<TT [String name, Bag<Person> manages, Integer seniority]> t1; t1 = [, m.manages(), m.seniority() ] from Manager m where == "F";
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This query returns a collection of tuples. Each element contains a name, a collection of instances of the Person Class, and a numeric value. The collection contains only values for female managers in the Class Manager. Note that if we do use tuples, we have to declare them explicitly.
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Group Syntax
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If we think of the Query construct as the OO version of the SQL Select command, we can think of the Group construct as the OO version of using Select ... Group By ... in SQL. That is, it is a quick way of performing aggregate operations on groups of data. Group expressions can be used on classes, or on collections, like Queries. Unlike Queries, however, Group does not support a where clause. This means that we almost always use Query and Group together, with the Group expression using the results of our Query. The best way to elaborate is through some examples.
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The author wanted to look at his test data to check just what had been created, in broad terms. He wanted to see the Time data broken down by month/year with a total hours for each month. But the Interpreter kept rejecting the Group and Tuple definitions. Time to call up some assistance, in the form of the ODQL Class (which should not be confused with the ODQL language in general). This is a very useful feature that allows queries and Groups to be created at run time, have Jasmine describe how the output will be structured (the tuple definition), and run it if necessary. Entering the following at the command prompt in the Interpreter:
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defaultCF castleCF; ODQL.prepare( "test", "group t in Time by (t.whenDone.part( YEAR ), t.whenDone.part( MONTH ) ) with ( partition^timeSpent.sum() );"); ODQL.getOutputInfo( "test", "ODQL_STATEMENT").print(); ODQL.getOutputInfo( "test", "VARIABLE_DECLARATION" , "oGroup").print();
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produced the following result:
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group t in Time by (t.whenDone.part( YEAR ), t.whenDone-part( MONTH ) ) with ( partition^timeSpent.sum() ); systemCF::Bag< 'oGroup'[ 'systemCF'::'Integer' 'C1', systemCF' ::'Integer' 'C2', 'systemCF' :: 'Decimal' [18, 2] 'C3' ] > 'oGroup';
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The first part, in response to "ODQL_STATEMENT" is just the original query returned. This is to ensure that there are no typing errors. In fact, the first line, ODQL.prepare () would have generated an error if the query/group syntax was incorrect in any way. The second line of output, in response to "VAR1ABLE_DECLARATION", tells us how we should declare a tuple variable to hold the results of this Group construct. The format of this declaration is extremely formal, using Class family names and single quotes around all names. To use the ODQL class, you must have version 1.21 (or greater) of Jasmine installed. Putting this to use now:
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defaultCF castleCF; systemCF::Bag< [ systemCF::Integer C1, systemCF::Integer C2, systemCF::Decimal [18, 2] C3 ] > oGroup; String.putString ("Grouping time entries by Year/Month:"); oGroup = group t in Time by (t.whenDone.part( YEAR ), t.whenDone.part( MONTH )) with ( partition^timeSpent.sum() ); oGroup.print();
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Printing the result of our Group produces the following:
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Grouping time entries by Year/Month: Bag{ [C1: 1998, C2: 6, C3: 255.00], [C1: 1998, C2: 7, C3: 279.00], [C1: 1998, C2: 8, C3: 285.00], [C1: 1998, C2: 9, C3: 261.00], [C1: 1998, C2: 10, C3: 288.00], [C1: 1998, C2: 11, C3: 270.00], [C1: 1998, C2: 12, C3: 531.00], [C1: 1999, C2: 1, C3: 567.00], [C1: 1999, C2: 2, C3: 252.00], [C1: 1999, C2: 3, C3: 421.00], [C1: 1999, C2: 4, C3: 75.00] }
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As we can see, the sample data used here was built in April 1999. Now let us try something more ambitious and break these figures down by Project and Phase:
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defaultCF castleCF; systemCF::Bag< [ systemCF::Integer C1, systemCF::Integer C2, systemCF::String project, systemCF::String phase, systemCF::Decimal[18, 2] C3 ] > oGroup2; String.putString ("Grouping time entries by Year/Month/Project/Phase:"); oGroup2 = group t in Time by (t.whenDone.part( YEAR ), t.whenDone.part( MONTH ),, ) with ( partition^timeSpent.sum() ); oGroup2.print();
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