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Normally the next step in construction would be to define the Methods for our Classes. However, perhaps you would like to experiment with ODQL first if you are unsure of exactly what some methods do, and you may need to practice writing queries anyway. The obvious solution is to create some test data. Test data in a Jasmine database can be created in several ways: Use the Database Administrator. We can create only one object at a time, however, so entering time data will be rather slow. As mentioned earlier, there is no way to log or record what has been done for later use. If the quantity of data required is small (and includes multimedia types), this is still a good choice. Use ODQL and create a script. It is more complex initially, but it is a script so it can be rerun against a fresh DB anytime. More importantly, we can write a program to generate any quantity of data we wish, which is useful if we want to create and test queries under load. LOAD data from a previous UNLOAD file. This is excellent for loading large quantities of data, but the assumption is that it already exists in some form elsewhere. It is important to remember, however, that the LOAD file format is documented, so if we need to transfer data from another database type (say a relational database), we could write a program to output it in the Jasmine UNLOAD format.
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Building a Jasmine Database
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Write a small client application and use it as a keypunching screen to enter data at will. The VB/ActiveX interface is ideal for this. The program will be a throwaway, but we may want to consider it if we need very particular test data that is not already in an electronic format somewhere. For our present situation, the second option is the best choice, since we need to create a small number of instances for staff, projects, and clients, but a lot of time entries. Note that whatever method of data entry we choose, we should use JasUnload and create a backup of our test data as soon as we create it. This gives us a fast and easy method of restoring original test cases and so forth useful later on. One of the key points to remember here is that nearly every good technique the reader has used for database system development in the past is either directly applicable with Jasmine, or has an object-oriented equivalent. At every point, you should ask yourself "What have I done with (relational) database application development before, and have I thought about applying it here " Listing 13.6 contains a script used to create a few instances of the Company and Project classes. The complete version can be found in Appendix 13.2 at the end of this chapter. The sample data simulates a small company operation, and is sufficient for now. We can always add more cases to this script later if required. The script in Listing 13.6 and the next one in Listing 13.7 highlight one interesting problem with ODQL. Because this script must run inside the interpreter (in interpreted mode effectively) we are limited to strict ODQL code. However, Jasmine methods can utilize nearly anything that can be coded in C (assuming we link in the required object code). One way around this is to write our own classes, which simply provide the functionality we would like to have here (e.g., file access, certain system functions, logging operations).
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/* File: DataEntry0l.odql Data entry script when there are no methods defined yet. Load a couple of objects into each class. v1.00 March 1999 Peter Fallon Castle Software Australia */ defaultCF castleCF; /* Define a Company Record */ Company oCompany; oCompany = Company.new(); oCompany.companyTitle = " Pete's Software Emporium" ; oCompany.address = " Melbourne, Australia" ; /* Hold that thought, and create a couple of Project instances and add that to the Company object */ Project oProjectl, oProject2; oProject1 = Project.new(); oProject1.name = " Patient Needs Trial Database" ; oProject1.longDescription = " Touch screen based questionnaire system for Hospital" ;
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