Physical Storage in Java

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Physical Storage
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All Jasmine commands and utilities are divided into two broad groups: Operating system commands (programs) that act on the database's physical file storage: backup and restore, allocating file storage, defining class families, reading and defining configuration settings, starting and stopping the database engine, connecting to the database (from a client). Database commands and methods that act at the class and instance level, on items stored inside the database: Object Definition Language (ODL), Object
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Manipulation Language (OML), and Object Query Language (OQL). These commands can be executed only within Jasmine methods, the ODQL interpreter, or Jasmine client programs. Both of these tend to appear under the heading of Object Data Query Language, or ODQL. However, ODQL is often used just as the programming language to write, store, and compile methods, which is how we will refer to it.
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Stores and Extents
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Like most server databases, we have to allocate file space explicitly for the server to work with. At this point our database design must be sufficiently advanced to determine how much space we need now, and how much we may need later on. Please note that Jasmine does not offer too many features for optimization or automation here, though future releases may provide improvements. The basic logical unit of file allocation is the Store. Each Store is made up of one or more Extents. Each Extent can be one or more fixed length files. These have to be created by the database administrator as required. If a Store is filled before new Extents are created, then an error will occur. Thus by using multiple Extents, a Store can span drives and be as large as the operating system permits. Optimization is achieved by placing Stores for different applications on different physical drives. Another optimization method is to place Stores on different drives to the default System Store, Work Store, and Transaction Store (the last two are specific to each session/connection between client and server). Creating a Store is as simple as Listing 13.1. This creates a Store that is 2000 * 8K in size, by the name of c a s t l e _ l in the same directory as the existing Jasmine stores. The pageSize is important because this is the minimum amount that is read/written to the Store with each access. There is one important observation to make at this point. All Jasmine commands (and later the entire ODQL) are case sensitive. If we had specified "-pagesize 8" in the preceding batch file, an error would have occurred.
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@echo Create a store called CastleDemoOl. @echo This will consist of a single Extent 16M in size. createStore -numberOfPages 2000 -pageSize 8 CastleDemo0l %JAS_SYSTEM%\jasmine\data\castle_l pause @echo Create a single class Family in this store, @echo called castleCFOl. Remember to @echo mention that we'll always refer to it using an alias! createCF -CFAlias castleCF castleCF0l CastleDemo0l pause @echo Now list out all the stores and class families @echo to show the new addition. liststore > StoreList.txt
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Listing 13.1
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SetupStores.bat: Batch file for creating our Store and Class family.
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Building a Jasmine Database
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We will discuss the Class family later, but the last command in the preceding batch file dumps a description of all Stores in the database to a file, as shown in Listing 13.2. The information in this dump is quite useful. If you want to explore Jasmine's configuration further, use the Jasprenv command and the Jasconfig utility. If we need to extend our Store at a later date, we can use the extendstore command as shown in Listing 13.3. Here we are specifying two files for this new Extent. If we rerun listStore, then CastleDemo0l now contains:
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Locations: i:\jasmine\jasmine\data\castle_l i:\Jasmine\jasmine\data\castle_2a i:\jasmine\jasmine\data\castle_2b
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===== S T O R E C O N T E N T S =================================== Store Name: system Class Families: systemCF Locations: I:\Jasmine\Jasmine\data\jas_extent_l Page size: 8192 Total pages: 2000 Used pages: 508 ===== S T O R E C O N T E N T S ==================================== Store Name: dataStore Class Families: jadelibCFl mediaCFl CAStore sqlCF WebLink Locations: I:\Jasmine\Jasmine\data\jas_dataStore Page size: 8192 Total pages: 8000 Used pages: 649 ===== S T O R E C O N T E N T S ==================================== Store Name: CastleDemo0l Class Families: castleCF0l Locations: i:\jasmine\jasmine\data\castle_l Page size: 8192 Total pages: 2000 Used pages: 33
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