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UML deployment diagram.
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The Unified Modeling Process in Web-Deployed, Object-Oriented Database Systems
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Some preliminary work on identification of possible risks connected to the deployment challenge and the corresponding contingency can be found in [RodriguezMartinez 2000]. Specifically the following risks have been described: High cost of development in terms of personnel training due to the use of a new advanced technology Higher costs than expected in terms of integration of an object-oriented database within a context of existing software Other costs associated with the uncertainties related to the use of advanced design tools that could be poorly supported by the suppliers and not extensively tested, with possible delays in the application development An additional challenge is posed by the trend toward large, distributed organizations, and information systems are growing in heterogeneity as well as in size. OO technology, successful as it is, needs to coexist both with legacy systems (such as conventional relational databases or object-relational ones) and with an increasing number of heterogeneous data sources adopting different data models. Moreover, an increasing amount of information, both at the corporate and department level, is being made available through unstructured and semistructured data sources such as collections of text documents (e.g., e-mail messages) and static Web sites. Although all these data sources currently are managed and accessed by applications independently from one another, it is widely recognized that, in the fullness of time, they will have to be accessible in an integrated and uniform way to both end users and software application layers by imposing a global schema on top of the individual schemata used by each data source. Web technology is unanimously considered to be the "right" glue to put different data sources together. After more than five years from the first approaches, though, Web-based deployment of applications involving "pure " OO databases such as Objectivity is still more an art than a science.
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Deployment Quality and Effort
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From the UMP designer point of view, Web deployment of OO databases should indeed be easy, as these data sources provide both the logical structure description (their OO schema), and the knowledge of instance information. Both information and metainformation can be used to format and present the content of an OO database via XML documents or even HTML pages. However, when data are integrated in a naive fashion, semantic discrepancies among the various data representations may well occur; for instance, some information may be missing in some sources, an attribute may be single-valued in one source and multivalued in another, or the same entity may be represented by different classes in different sources. Considerable development effort is required to ensure via the application layer that the integrated OO data are well structured and conform to a single, consistent abstract schema. Substantial programming effort is also required if one or more of the information sources change, or when new sources are added. Deployment techniques greatly influence the amount of this effort and overall system performance.
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Control of Application-Data Source Coupling
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A fully fledged integration architecture, while allowing for sophisticated interaction styles between applications and data sources, should not hinder the possibility of close coupling (e.g., by shared storage, memory, or locality) of application and specific data sources in order to achieve the desired performance level. Experience with Objectivity, as well as with other OO databases has shown that tight coupling between applications and data is one of the strongest points of OO database technology. Web-based deployment and integration may well endanger such coupling, as using XML as an interchange format and/or HTML for presentation makes updates more awkward.
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Stateful Transactions
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Another important feature is keeping a stateful connection with the OO database for performance. But since the HTTP protocol is stateless that is, HTTP servers do not retain open session information from one connection to the other there is an increasing need for intermediate modules that answer database requests in a stateless fashion, yet guaranteeing that the database stays open for future requests.
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