Some use cases of the B2C_Sys. in Java

Implement Quick Response Code in Java Some use cases of the B2C_Sys.
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The next phase of work is the beginning of the use cases analysis of each active unit. Three kinds of use cases information need to be identified during use cases analysis of the B2C_Sys unit: Identification of B2C services Identification of users of these services, that is, customers Identification of associations between customers and services The valued end-user services are termed Use Case functions. The external classes of users of these services are termed actors. A use case is a defined ordered triple composed of an actor, an association, and a use case function. For example, in the B2C_Sys an identified use case could be the triple composed of the following: A class of Customers (actor is Customer Actor) A class of Orders A service (Use Case function) of Order_Management An association of Placing So, the use case can be written as follows, in sentence form: An Order shall be placed by a Customer. Another Use Case will involve the Order_Administrator, managing Orders, and the distributed Customer Register. Upon completion of use cases analysis in the B2C unit, Figure 11.2 depicts a simplified portion of the active unit in the UML program B2C_Sys.
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Some use cases of the B2C_Sys.
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The Unified Modeling Process in Web-Deployed, Object-Oriented Database Systems
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It is easy to see that in our Web-based B2C_Sys UML program each Order is a User Services complex object, composed of interface objects Order_Rows (i.e., the rows in the Web form filled in by the customer on the act of purchasing). In turn, each Order Row has to be associated to a Business Object belonging to Business Services, namely an Article (composed of Parts). Finally, Articles (as well as Customers) objects must be made persistent by a Data Service. Being the Database Management System OO, persistency can be acquired straightforwardly by providing application space objects with permanent database OIDs, as shown in Figure 11.3. In Objectivity, each persistent object is uniquely identified by a 64-bit OID, broken up into four 16-bit fields. The resulting three-tiered system is depicted in Figure 11.4. In the next sections we shall first deal with implementing the Data services layer of our B2C_Sys, via an Objectivity federated database. Then, we shall examine specific problems posed by the necessity of Web-based deployment.
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Using UML for Data Service Design
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As Objectivity/DB complies with ODMG-98, it is possible to implement the standard's powerful semantics, from UML object model, to Objectivity/DB schema. Although substantial progress has been made, complete automation from object model to object schema is generally not possible without manual intervention and coding as we illustrate in the next section. This is because there are usually several problems that must be
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Mapping application space objects into database objects.
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Figure 11.4 Three-tiered logical view of the B2C system.
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overcome before complete automation can be achieved. In general, automation is possible when an object model is defined with all semantic information; as we will illustrate later in this chapter, complete automation is prevented by software- and hardware-specific implementation constraints. Therefore, in practice it is generally not the goal to attain specification of every detail of program operation with UML, but to facilitate the development via a combination of automated and manual steps. One issue of debate is whether it is cost effective to model with UML prior to development. Some believe it is best to minimize modeling costs, by limiting the modeling effort to only the details required to generate language-specific function shells such as C++, and to code the functions manually. This would be especially true when the effort to model deeper, more complete specifications produces only marginal Objectivity gains. Furthermore, many functions are provided by libraries of reusable software components, such as Java Beans or C++ libraries. In these cases it is usually not cost effective to redesign and develop functions again, especially when those functions already have proven reliability and cost effectiveness. Consider for example communications software libraries that include e-mail functions. Although possible to model an e-mail system in detail within an application, it would not be cost justifiable, and added value would be unlikely. For these reasons it is important to consider the utility and cost benefit before deciding upon the depth and detail of a modeling effort. There are no set rules because each system is different. But one simple rule-of-thumb might be, if in doubt, to limit the amount of time effort expended in UML to the level of func-
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