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to good effect by describing some examples using particular product features. Although the chapter is obviously focused on one particular object database, you should become more alert to product-specific issues when evaluating different object databases. Furthermore, the number of Jasmine developers is growing and many of them are still using the current GA version of Jasmine and may find the ideas presented in this chapter to be helpful. One of the major benefits that object databases claim over relational databases is that they use existing programming languages and manage both transient and persistent (database) objects in a similar way, overcoming the often-quoted "impedance mismatch" problem. This should make the task of the developer easier, since the language used for application development is the same language that the database understands. In reality, some extensions to existing languages typically are needed to manage database operations, such as opening/closing a database, transactions, and so on. 14, "Seamlessness and Transparency in Object-Oriented Databases" by Kaplan and Wileden, shows that for products that follow the ODMG standard, seamless persistence is not possible since transient and persistent objects are treated differently, with the result that transparency is lost. Furthermore, the problem is greater for multiple language bindings. Through their research work, the authors also report upon their experiences with multiple language bindings.
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The Unified Modeling Process in Web-Deployed, ObjectOriented Database Systems
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It is generally accepted that, when an object model specifies object persistence, an object-oriented database is the most natural means for implementing that persistence. However, there is an ongoing debate among database developers concerning object modeling as an effective way to develop object-oriented database applications, especially those involving distributed object databases. The reasons for this may include a database programmer's need to do the additional modeling step prior to actual coding of an application, or management's belief that the modeling adds cost to development, or a belief that present relational database technology is higher performing. However, some believe that object modeling can reduce costs substantially and improve the odds of developing an application that actually meets end-users' requirements. Especially in designing large, complex systems it is becoming common for systems analysts and designers to use The Unified Modeling Language (UML), and for programmers to follow UML design during implementation. This approach has become the culture in some software development houses, and it is likely that other companies will need to follow suit in the use of object design tools to remain competitive. This is critical in the rapidly changing global economy, where those who do it best grow, and the others fade away. Therefore the question for those developing software is most likely to be how, rather than if, they will use design and development object tools to increase software quality and object-oriented toolkits such as Objectivity when developing object-oriented (OO) database applications. Several approaches have been suggested for OO design, including OMT [Rumbaugh 1991], OOA/OOD [Coad 1990, 1991], OOD [Booch 1991], and UML [Burkhardt 1995]. Of these, UML and the encompassing Unified Modeling Process (UMP) methodology
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are considered in this chapter, since their capabilities cover the other alternatives. A comparison of various UML tools can be found in Wasserman's Proceedings of the Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems [Wasserman 1998]. In recent years UMP has become a de facto standard among software engineers. A primary reason for its widespread acceptance is that UMP/UML is capable of full system specification. However, even though a good idea, UMP/UML for OO database application development still has not become widespread because of continued use of legacy relational database systems commitments. In this chapter we first describe two primary aspects of UMP: unified modeling (UM) and the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Then we explore the use of UMP/UML for OO database application development in particular. We provide a simple example with a popular UMP modeling tool, Rational Rose. Using a new Rose plug-in called Rose Link, we design and automatically generate C++ code for an object-oriented database management system, Objectivity/DB ( Objectivity/DB complies with the ODMG standard [Cattell 2000]. Rose Link adds the capability to Rational Rose to generate the Objectivity/DB schema automatically, in addition to the application code that Rational Rose generates from UML. Finally, in the last sections of this chapter, we explore the issues associated with UMP/UML for the specialized case of deployment of distributed OO databases over the Web and Internet. We illustrate this approach for the development of a simple Webdeployed application using optional implementations of TCP/IP sockets, servlets/RMI, XML, and CORBA, and discuss some issues, limitations, and tradeoffs associated with each. Potential problems with Internet deployment are described and solutions are provided.
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