Implementation of Historic Versioning and Dependent Source Feedback in Java

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concurrently with a long-running update to one of the companies queried without conflict. In general, branch merges can generate conflicts that must be manually resolved, and conflict resolution is avoided in the ABS-BR prototype by using a simple system of high-level locks to ensure that (rare) conflict-generating transactions do not execute concurrently. Because this solution is based on the use of versioning through OVJ, aside from calls to start and end a long transaction, it is completely orthogonal to user code.
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Implementation of Historic Versioning and Dependent Source Feedback
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The need for historical versioning is a key requirement of the ABS-BR (Figure 10.1). In particular, the ABS-BR has the concept of historic snapshots, globally consistent historical views of the database, and common frames, means for retrospectively updating historical data. Both historical snapshots and common frames were trivially implemented through the application of OVJ's configuration management features. Branched configurations are a natural solution for the implementation of historic snapshots. Any configuration in the initial branch (main line) is a historic snapshot, except for the last one. A configuration status is frozen once a descendent configuration in the same branch is created. A common frame corresponds to a new branch created to allow changes to an historic snapshot. OVJ's configuration management also provides a solution to the problem of dependent source feedback. Virtual configurations allow configurations to be defined conditionally, and so in the case of dependent source feedback (DSF), virtual configurations can be used to exclude or include object versions that are affected by DSF from any query.9
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The goal of the ABS-BR demonstrator was to provide a context for evaluating the technologies we have developed and the approaches that they embody. This section focuses on that evaluation and concludes with a brief discussion of alternative approaches and directions for future work.
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Evaluation of the ABS-BR Demonstrator, OPJ, and OVJ Web Service quick response code printingon .net
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An evaluation of the ABS-BR demonstrator must include both qualitative and quantitative aspects of both the demonstrator development and the underlying technologies.
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In large part, ABS-BR productivity concerns stemmed from a high degree of code complexity induced by persistence, versioning, and explicit memory management. We
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At the time of writing, support for DSF-free queries through virtual configurations is still under development.
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Addressing Complexity and Scale in a High-Performance Object Server
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briefly analyze the ABS-BR and the demonstrator with respect to two aspects of overall productivity development and maintenance costs. Development The ABS-BR was developed using state of the art commercial OODBMS technology. The development, including a detailed analysis phase, took a team of around fifteen programmers three years (45 person years). The business logic of the application comes to more than 90,000 lines of C++ (not including the graphical user interface). Much of this is accounted for by the use of templates for the generation of an object Versioning mechanism, maintenance of explicit persistent to transient mappings, and explicit memory management through alloc / free. By contrast, the development of the ABS-BR demonstrator prototype took one programmer four months. The demonstrator implements the core ABS-BR schema and about 25 percent of the total functionality in just 3400 lines of Java. An additional 3050 lines of Java implement an advanced graphical user interface using Swing (the GUI includes support for drag and drop, hierarchical displays, etc.). The ease of development was highlighted by the fact that the first version of the demonstrator was developed as a nonpersistent Java application entirely independently of OPJ and yet ran persistently without modification once OPJ became available.10 Although the demonstrator does not implement user help, data migration, and other such peripheral functionality, the simplicity of the demonstrator implementation indicates that the use of Java, OPJ, and OVJ facilitates a substantially simpler (and thus cheaper) development process. Maintenance Though it is not possible to make meaningful comparisons about the actual maintenance costs of the respective systems, two characteristics stand out as indicators that maintenance costs for the demonstrator would likely be substantially lower than for the ABS-BR. First, the complexity of the code is dramatically reduced, yielding substantially shorter and simpler code. For example, the class coreu, which implements the important CoreUnit in the BR application, is 3113 lines of C++ code in the ABS-BR and 1213 lines of Java in the demonstrator. Since code size and code complexity are key factors in software maintenance costs, it seems likely that the demonstrator code would have appreciably lower maintenance costs. Second, the implementation of Versioning at the level of application code through templates adds a great deal to the complexity of the ABS-BR code and, again, is likely to be a significant ABS-BR maintenance cost that will not be incurred by the demonstrator.
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