Client/Server Data Transfer in .NET

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10.3 Client/Server Data Transfer
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Processing is a programming language built upon yet another language called Java, which was developed primarily to be a network-oriented language. It was developed to work over the Internet and is, therefore, a good medium for transferring data or invoking graphics on remote computers. So far, all the graphics examples you ve seen demonstrated were designed to work on a local machine. But what if you want to run something on a remote machine For example, moving the mouse on one computer and seeing its movement on the screen of another computer. The process of communication in Processing or Java is based on the clientserver protocol: one computer plays the role of the client who asks for information and another computer plays the role of the server, which provides information in response to the client s request. The roles can be reversed, that is, both can send/receive information, but normally the server holds the information and
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has the capacity to serve it to multiple clients through an identifiable address. Specific to the World Wide Web, a web server is the computer program that serves requested HTML pages or files. A web client is the program that requests information from the server. A web browser is a client that requests HTML files from web servers. Every computer that is connected to the Internet has an address, in order to be identified. This address is called an IP (Internet Protocol) address and is a 32-bit number. The IP address is usually expressed as four decimal numbers, each representing 8 bits, separated by periods. The format is network.local . The number version of the IP address is represented by a name or series of names called the domain name. Here s an example:
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Each number must be between 0 and 255 (i.e., a byte). The IP address is the address of the local machine itself. Each of the decimal numbers represents a string of four binary digits. Thus, the above IP address really is this string of 0s and 1s:
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As you can see, periods are inserted between each 8-bit sequence just as was done for the decimal version of the IP address. To establish a server in Processing is simple: you construct a server through the following statement:
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Server MyServer = new Server(this, 5200);
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A Server is a Processing class that waits for request over a network. The number 5200 is the port where the server is listening. Following is the code for establishing a server. The purpose of this server is to send to the client its mouse s x and y coordinates.
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 import*; //get the net library Server MyServer; //define a server void setup(){ size(300,300); MyServer = new Server(this, 5200); } void draw(){ point(mouseX,mouseY); //draw a point MyServer.write(mouseX); //send x MyServer.write(mouseY); //send y }
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In the first line of code, you import all the commands included in the net library of processing. Then you define a Server object called MyServer, which creates a server in line 6. You then draw points on the screen and use the server to send data out to the Internet (i.e., to whomever is receiving it), using the write() methods seen in lines 10 and 11.
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To establish a client in Processing is also simple construct a server through the following statement:
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Client MyClient = new Client(this, , 5200);
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A Client is a Processing class that sends requests over a network. To establish a client, you need to pass the address and port of the server to connect to. (Note that if you do not know the IP address s number you can use the ip() method of the client s class. It returns the IP address of the client as a string. As default value, we pass the address, which refers to the local computer itself). The number 5200 is the port where the server is listening. If you know the IP address of the server, you can type it here instead of the local number. To find the address of a machine you go to the command line prompt (in Windows), and type the command ipconfig:
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