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ty = float(lines[ii+1]); if(face_found &&(code.equals( 30 )||code.equals( 31 )|| code.equals( 32 )||code.equals( 33 ))) p = (MyPoint[])append(p, new MyPoint(tx,ty,float(lines[ii+1]))); if(p.length==4){ face_found=false; f = (MyFace[])append(f,new MyFace(p)); solids = (MySolid[])append(solids,new MySolid(f)); nsolids++; p = (MyPoint[])expand(p,0); f = (MyFace[])expand(f,0); } } }
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Figure 10-8 illustrates reading a DFX file.
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Figure 10-8: Reading a DXF file as 3D faces and rendered as wireframe (left) and as shaded (right)
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First, you define a method called openDXF_3DFACE and pass the name of the file to read from. Using the loadStrings() command, you load all the lines of the file as text in an array called lines[]. Then, you define two arrays, f and p, of MyFace and MyPoint, respectively, to hold the point coordinates and the face connections. These two arrays are initialized to 0. Next, you define two float variables to hold the x and y coordinates of a point and a boolean variable face_found to denote the beginning and end of information about a face. In lines 11 till 29, you loop through all the lines of the file looking for keywords: if the word AcDbFace is encountered, you set the face_found flag to
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true. This flag will be used as a beginning mark for reading information about a face. If the number 10, 11, or 12 is found, you read the next line and assign its value in the variable tx (after casting it to a float). Similarly, if the number 20, 21, or 22 is found, you read the next line and assign its value in the variable ty (after casting it to a float). Finally, if the number 30, 31, or 32 is found, you read the next line and assign it together with the previous two tx and ty variables
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to construct a point (see line 19). This process will be repeated by collecting coordinates and then constructing new points. Once four points are read, there is enough information to construct a face (see line 22). You then create a solid out of the face, increase the counter nsolids (line 24), and clear out the p[] and f[] arrays. This process will be repeated until all lines are read. Please note that the 3DFACE DXF representation does not distinguish between faces and objects, so each face is also an object. Different keywords of DXF files provide more elaborate information that distinguishes a face from an object. For example, the keywords VERTEX, POLYLINE, and ENTITY distinguish between points, faces, and solids. For more information on DXF file formats, please see
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10.2.7 The VRML File Format
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Another file format that has been used extensively in CAD systems is VRML. In this section you will be introduced briefly to this file format because it has, like DXF, become a common file format for the exchange of solid objects with CAD applications. The initials VRML stand for Virtual Reality Markup (or Modeling) Language and was developed in the mid-1990s as a means to represent three-dimensional objects using a web browser. The idea was to incorporate graphics libraries (such as openGL or direct3D) that would take advantage of the hardware graphics cards that the mid-1990s computers used. The idea was that a web browser (such as Netscape or IE) would run a plug-in that would process solid objects in a 3D-navigated environment in real-time motion. This technology was initiated in the first version of VRML in 1993 and completed in the second version in 1997. Later on, VRML was extended by another standard called X3D. The file extension of a VRML file is .wrl, and most browsers recognize it and run the corresponding plug-in within a browser. Such plug-ins (such as cosmo, or cortona) together with information on the history, specifications, and techniques can be found on the wed 3D consortium at A VRML file is an ASCII text file. The syntax of the text represents the geometry of a 3D object but also abides by the rules of a language. Simple geometrical objects can be defined through vertices and faces. Other attributes such as color, shininess, or transparency can also be incorporated as separate entities
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