Aligning the Tracks in Java

Implement GTIN - 12 in Java Aligning the Tracks
7 Aligning the Tracks
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If for some reason your beats seem to be more and more misaligned as you get further along in your song, make sure that your downbeat is properly positioned. If the problem persists, it is quite possible that you are dealing with a variable tempo, which is discussed in 9.
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9. Switch the track type to Beatmapped, and check the Preserve Pitch When Stretching check box. The track s tempo will be automatically set to the current value of the project tempo, and you can revert the tempo back to its original state, and unsolo the track. Your track is now synchronized no matter what tempo you choose. Although all events on your track will be at the correct tempo, you have only defined the correct starting point, or offset, for the one event you have drawn. If you were to use the draw tool to create a new event, it would start at the very first sample of the audio file, and probably wouldn t sync up. For this, you need to define the track s downbeat offset. Luckily the event s start offset gives you the value you need. 10. Double-click the event you ve just drawn, or right-click it and select Properties from the context menu. The start offset is measured in numbers of samples, just like the track s downbeat. Copy the value of your event s start offset to the downbeat offset for the track located on the Stretch panel of track 1 s properties, so that when a new event is created with either the paint or draw tool, the event s start offset will be correct. (This is located in the Stretch panel of the clip if you are manually beatmapping in ACID Pro 6.) The event s start offset will adjust itself to compensate for the new track downbeat offset, so you may have to re-paste the value into the event start offset after pasting it into the track downbeat offset. What you ve just done is duplicate the functionality of the Beatmapper Wizard of ACID Pro. Because it s a lot easier and less time-consuming, you should use the wizard if you have ACID Pro. If you have the Beatmapper Wizard, but bypassed it when you dropped the track in, you can always pull it up again by clicking the Beatmapper Wizard button on the Stretch panel of the Track/Clip Properties.
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Manual Beatmapping Example: Policy of Truth
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Download Policy of Truth from the iTunes Store and convert it with a CD burn, and reimport it within iTunes.
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Now give this example a try by following these steps: 1. Drop the track into ACID XPress and turn it into a one-shot, as shown in Figure 7-1. Use the horizontal zoom to see the individual rhythmic sounds, and place the cursor near the initial beat, verifying it with both your eyes and ears. 2. Zoom ACID XPress in horizontally, refine the cursor s position, and repeat the process until the cursor is just before the first beat s attack. Split the waveform and manually remove the automatic fade-in, as shown in Figure 7-2.
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FIGURE 7-1: Initial beat estimate
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FIGURE 7-2: Cursor right before the initial beat
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3. Delete the silence before the initial beat, zoom out the project until you can see the second beat, and adjust the tempo until beat two of the beat grid approximately lines up with beat two of the track. Notice how defined and visible the snare of beat two is in Figure 7-3. 4. Repeat this process for beats 1.3, 2.1, 3.1 5.1, 9.1, 17.1, 33.1, and 65.1, eventually pressing the Ctrl key while adjusting the tempo to fine-tune it.
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7 Aligning the Tracks
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At 129.1, the track gets a bit complex and full, and the beat, although visible, is not as visually well-defined as the beats surrounding it. In this case, it is a bit easier to sync up 129.2, as shown in Figure 7-4. (Those snares on beats 2 and 4 can really come in handy!) 5. Go back through the waveform and ensure that earlier beats are still synchronized. If they are not, you may have made an error at some point, or perhaps the tempo is actually variable. Set your track type to Beatmapped and check the Preserve Pitch When Stretching check box. In this case, in the Stretch tab of the track s Properties window (the clip s Properties window in Pro 6), the tempo will be around 114.23, and the downbeat offset will be around 4,143. If your values differ from these values slightly, don t worry. There is a little bit of wiggle room.
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