Choosing Your Songs in Java

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6 Choosing Your Songs
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list. Take note of which transpositions sound best with your track. Now drag the A Minor.mid file from the CD-ROM into the ACID timeline and mute the previous MIDI track. Repeat the process, transposing the new MIDI file to each of the 12 possible keys. Most chords will sound unpleasant and discordant, but a few will sound good. The transposed chord that sounds best with your track most likely represents the key of the song. For example, if the A minor chord sounds best with a +2 transposition, the key is probably in B minor. If the A major chord sounds best with the +9 transposition, the key is probably in F major.
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Using ACID s Built-in Piano
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Alternatively, you can use the piano keyboard that comes bundled with ACID. To view the piano, choose Insert Soft Synth, and then double-click Sony DLS Soft Synth. You will see a piano like the one shown in Figure 6-9. If you are unfamiliar with the piano keyboard, the notes are labeled for you. Remember that even though the white keys and black keys are different sizes and shapes, they are all equal in terms of pitch.
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FIGURE 6-9: ACID s built-in piano
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The process of determining the keys using the piano is similar to using the chord MIDI files. You play each pitch of the piano, listening for which pitch sounds most at home with the song. Usually one pitch will sound stronger than the rest. This will be the tonic of the song s key. Now you need to determine whether the song is in major or minor. The simplest way to do this is to play the pitch three semitones above the root and the pitch four semitones above the root, and decide which blends better with the song. For example, if you decide the song is in C, play both E and E and listen for which sounds better with the music. If the pitch three semitones above the root sounds best, the key is probably in minor, whereas if the pitch four semitones above the root sounds best, the key is probably in major.
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Using tONaRT Key Detection Software
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tONaRT is a piece of software written by the good people over at ZPlane, who brought you the aufTAKT tempo-recognition software discussed earlier in this chapter. It is one of the few algorithms that can determine the key of a sound file. Although it is not always correct, it is fairly accurate, and often the incorrectly identified keys are at least related to and compatible with the true key. Always keep in mind, however, that the detected key and pitch may not be 100-percent accurate. However, this is the case with a human as well!
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6 Choosing Your Songs
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tONaRT needs a wav file as input. If you only have an mp3 file, you will need to convert it into a wav first. See the Converting mp3s to wavs sidebar earlier in this chapter for a couple ways to do this. When you have a wav file available, open the tONaRT software, provided on the CD-ROM. Click the Load File button, navigate to your wav file, and double-click it. tONaRT will start analyzing your wav immediately. When it s done, tONaRT will show you the key information, as shown in Figure 6-10.
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FIGURE 6-10: tONaRT key detection software
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tONaRT s estimation of key in this case is G minor. Check the Classic Mode check box. The detected key may or may not change. Classic Mode uses a slightly different algorithm. Unchecking the box may provide more accurate key detection, but not always. Either way, it s nice to have both estimates, kind of like a second opinion. If both modes provide the same key estimate, there is an even greater chance that the key is correct. Click the Analyze and Play button. The song should start playing. Now click the Play Root Note button. You will hear a sine wave tone that tONaRT believes is the tonic of the key of the song. This pitch should feel very much at home with the song. If Classic Mode detects a different key than the non-Classic Mode, check and uncheck the Classic Mode check box, and listen for which pitch sounds most harmonious with the song. The key displayed while the more harmonious note is playing represents the most likely key. In the majority of songs, tONaRT will guess correctly in at least one of the modes.
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If your song has lots of key changes or sections with noise or breakdowns, you may want to create a wav file with only a portion of the song for tONaRT to analyze. You can do this in ACID by painting or drawing only the portion of the audio that seems melodic and simple and then rendering it to wav, or you can use an audio editing platform such as Adobe Audition or Audacity to delete most of the audio and then save the simple melodic portion as a wav file.
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In addition to key, tONaRT also estimates the standard pitch, which is the frequency (in hertz) of the pitch A. Ideally, pitch A is exactly 440 Hz (concert A). If the actual pitch is significantly different from 440 Hz, you may end up with a tonal clash in your mashup no matter what key either song is in. If the detected pitch is off only by one or two hertz, your ears may not be able
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