Converting mp3s to wavs in Java

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Converting mp3s to wavs
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There are many occasions when you need to convert an mp3 to a wav in order to process it with a piece of software. There are several ways to go about this. Two methods are outlined here: one using ACID and another using iTunes. Rendering to wav with ACID Drop your mp3 into ACID, and skip the Beatmapper Wizard if you re using Pro. Look at the ACID Type drop-down menu in the General tab of the Track/Clip Properties. If it says Beatmapped or Loop, change it to One-Shot. Using the Paint tool, Ctrl+click toward the left of the empty track, and then solo the track. Choose File Render As. In the window that pops up, make sure that *.wav is selected in the Save As Type drop-down menu. Type the name of your wav and click Save. Rendering to wav with iTunes If your mp3 is already in iTunes, this is the easiest way to go. Right-click the mp3 you want to convert. If Convert Selection to WAV shows up, click it, and you re done. If the pop-up menu shows a conversion to some other format, you ll need to change some iTunes preferences. Choose Edit Preferences, click the Advanced tab and then click the Importing tab. Use the drop-down list to change the Import Using selection to WAV Encoder and click OK. Then right-click the mp3 or AAC file you want to convert, and select Convert Selection to WAV. The new wav file will be created in the same location as the original audio file. If you can t find it, go to iTunes, right-click the file you re looking for, and select Show Song File. Windows Explorer will open up and show you the location of your file.
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6 Choosing Your Songs
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Matching the tempo of the component songs is crucial, but equally important is matching the songs keys. Even if your mashup is perfectly in sync, if the component songs are out of key with each other, it will sound quite jarring. Ideally, all the songs would be in the exact same key, although there are different levels of compatibility between keys that make it possible to combine different keys.
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Rap versus Singing
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The easiest way around trying to find a compatible key for your vocals is to simply find a vocal with no key at all. Because most rap has no key, it will combine readily with backgrounds of any key. Many beginning mashup producers find initial success working with rap acapellas, and I recommend them for learning mashup basics without worrying about key issues. In fact, due to the ease of layering rap pellas, there is an amazing proliferation of Missy Elliot, Eminem, and Beastie Boys mashups. Of course, if there is a singing break in the rap, or the rapper is using the popular style of rap that is half-sung, you will need to treat the song the same as a non-rap song, determining the key and matching it appropriately.
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Before you can start matching the keys of your songs, you need to figure out what keys they are in. This is not as simple as determining the tempo, and there are a variety of techniques available. You can try to determine the key by ear, or by using ACID s built-in piano or the wav files provided on this book s CD-ROM. If you are having difficulty using either the piano or the chord files, you can also use the provided tONaRT software to attempt to automatically detect the key.
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Using the Chord MIDI Files
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Provided on the CD-ROM is an ACID file containing 2 MIDI files representing all possible major and minor keys. MIDI files are different from audio files in that they provide instructions for an instrument on what notes to play, when, and for how long. It s kind of like using a player piano scroll to record a piano piece instead of a tape recorder. The great thing about a MIDI file is that you can transpose it as much as you like without the weird artifacts that can happen when transposing audio. The technique to determine the key of your song is fairly simple. First, drag the A Major.mid file from the CD-ROM directly into your ACID timeline, and then open your song with the unknown key. With the Paint tool, Ctrl+click on the track containing your song to insert the entire song. Then paint the MIDI track for the duration of your song, or at least for a good portion of it. If there are other tracks besides the two mentioned, mute them. Click the Play button in ACID, and listen to the chord play along with the song. Select the A Major track from ACID s track list (the left side of the screen), and transpose the MIDI track by hitting the plus key. Listen again. Repeat this process until the transposition reads +11 in the track
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