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6 Choosing Your Songs
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A beatmapped clip (Pro 6) or track (XPress) contains two vital pieces of information: A precise tempo A precise offset, signifying the number of samples between the beginning of the audio file and the first detectable downbeat. For example, if your audio file s sampling rate is the standard rate of 44.1 kHz, and the first detectable downbeat occurs two seconds after the audio file starts, the offset would be 44,100 2, or 88,200. The Beatmapper Wizard helps you to determine these two values. Songs recorded using modern recording techniques will beatmap quite well, while vintage recordings and most rock and roll will not. However, even with songs that are impossible to beatmap, the wizard will usually give you a reasonable approximation of tempo that will at least allow you to determine compatibility with other songs. By default, ACID Pro is set up so the Beatmapper starts automatically when long sound files are loaded. You can load up new songs in several ways: Choose File Open, and then navigate to the wav file or mp3 you want to load, and double-click it. Click the Explorer tab in the bottom window in ACID Pro, navigate to the wav file or mp3 you want to load, and double-click it. Locate the song you want in Windows Explorer or iTunes, and then drag the song into the ACID Pro window. After you load up a song, the Beatmapper Wizard opens and guides you through the process of finding the tempo and offset for your new clip or track. The steps are as follows: 1. Determine the location of the first downbeat. The wizard attempts to locate this for you, often guessing correctly. 2. Determine the length of the first measure. The wizard again tries to guess the appropriate value, and can be accurate sometimes, but you will verify this yourself. 3. Step through the entire song, making sure that each downbeat in the music aligns with the downbeats of the beatmapper.
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Stand Tall
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In 1 you downloaded the instrumental version of Dizzee Rascal s Stand Tall. Locate the wav file (or mp3) in Windows Explorer or iTunes and drag it into the tracklist area of the ACID Pro window. As long as your have your preferences set to Automatically Start the Beatmapper Wizard for Long Files, the wizard should start up after you drop it into ACID Pro. Figure 6-1 shows the Beatmapper Wizard s initial guess of the first downbeat. What you are looking for is a drum sound (often a kick drum) where a strong beat occurs. On the downbeat, you should be able to start counting off the beats 1 through 4 and then starting off again at beat 1. Beat 1 should be a strong beat, and can often be the first drum sound, but not always.
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6 Choosing Your Songs
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FIGURE 6-1: The Beatmapper Wizard of ACID Pro guessing the first downbeat of Stand Tall
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Click the triangular Play button to listen. You may notice that it doesn t seem to start at the beginning, although it did choose a percussive event. If there are drum sounds in your song, and for some reason the Beatmapper Wizard chooses a non-percussive sound for the downbeat, it is usually preferable to locate a drum sound instead. You can use the scroll bar to move through the waveform until you see a candidate for the downbeat, you can zoom out to see more of the waveform at once, or you can click and drag the downbeat. Since it seems that the initial guess was a bit late, click the downbeat (either on the blue Downbeat label on the vertical cursor) and drag it all the way to the left edge of the Beatmapper Wizard window. The visible waveform will start scrolling backwards in time. Drag until the downbeat is at the very beginning of the waveform. It should be visually obvious that the downbeat is placed on a significant percussive sound now, but perhaps you ve moved it back far enough to hear the actual downbeat. Press Play again, and watch the cursor move as the sound plays. Once the drums start, count off 1, 2, 3, 4. If you start counting on the very first drum sound, you will notice that the 1 indeed falls on the strongest rhythmic accent. This verifies that the first drum sound is indeed the downbeat. Click near the beginning of the first drum sound. You may need to press Play again and watch the cursor as you listen, to visually locate it. You do not need to be exact for now, as long as you are close. Your Beatmapper Wizard will look similar to Figure 6-2. Now that you are close to the downbeat, zoom in a few times by clicking the plus button. Notice that the new cursor position becomes centered. The idea is to zoom in as much as possible to refine the placement of the downbeat marker. Keep an eye on the beginning of the downbeat, because you don t want to zoom in so far that this feature leaves the screen. You can simply
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