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5 Using the Software
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With the introduction of clips in ACID Pro 6, you can shift the pitch in both the track and the individual clips. In ACID XPress, these are the same parameter.
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8 covers pitch-shifting in depth.
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To add a new track from an mp3 or a wav file you have on your hard drive, you can choose File Open, and then navigate to your sound file. But a method that is usually easier and quicker is to simply drag your sound file from either Windows Explorer or iTunes and drop it into ACID.
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Scroll and Zoom
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You can perform two kinds of scrolling and zooming in ACID. Horizontal scrolling moves you forward and backward in time, allowing you to see different time periods of the project, and horizontal zooming allows you to see more or less time in the ACID window. Vertical scrolling allows you to view various tracks if all of your tracks do not fit in the ACID window at once, and vertical zooming allows you to either show more tracks at once, or examine each track in greater detail. The vertical scroll bar is located on the left edge of the timeline, and the horizontal scroll bar is on the bottom edge of the timeline, as previously shown in Figure 5-1.
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Figure 5-5 shows the time scroll bar as well as the time zoom buttons. Click the Zoom In Time button a few times or simply click and hold it for a short duration, and you will notice that you will see less time displayed but in greater detail. The zooming will be centered in time where the cursor is placed. Now click the Zoom Out Time button a few times or click and hold it. You will see the opposite effect, until the entire time of the project is displayed. Now click the small bar in between the Zoom In Time and the Zoom Out Time buttons, and drag from left to right and back again. Notice how the time zooms in and out with a single button.
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Zoom In Time Zoom Tool
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Zoom Out Time
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FIGURE 5-5: Horizontal scroll and zoom
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Now make sure you are zoomed in a little bit, and click the center of the horizontal scroll bar and drag it from left to right and back again. Notice how the time shifts along with the scroll bar. Now click to the left and right of the horizontal scroll bar, in the white space. The scroll bar will move and the time will shift. If you click the left and right arrows at the end of the horizontal scroll bar, the time will also shift, although not as quickly. You can also click and hold either the white space or the arrows for a continuous movement. Now click the left or right edge of the scroll bar and drag it from left to right and back again. Notice how the time zooms in and out. The length of the horizontal scroll bar directly corresponds to the portion of time displayed compared to the length of the entire project.
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Vertical Scroll and Zoom
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Figure 5-6 pictures the vertical zoom bar, which functions similarly to the horizontal zoom, except that instead of more and less time being shown, more or fewer tracks are shown. You can press the Zoom In Track Height button, the Zoom Out Track Height button, and the little button between them, just like with the horizontal zooming. You can also drag the vertical scroll bar up and down as well as clicking the up and down arrows and the white space in the scroll bar, similarly to the horizontal scroll bar. You can t zoom with the vertical scroll bar, however. You may find yourself using the vertical scroll and zoom capabilities less frequently than the horizontal ones.
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