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4 How Music Works
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Reading Waveforms Continued
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Left channel
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Right channel
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FIGURE 4-3: Missy Elliott s Wake Up, zoomed out all the way
Figure 4-4 shows the same song at a slightly higher level of magnification. Notice that the waveform is still the same height, but the horizontal scale has changed. You are now looking at just over 8 seconds of music. At this scale, the following features become apparent: The individual drum sounds become visible, appearing as a series of wedge-shaped forms. The drum sounds have regular horizontal spacing. Different drum sounds have different waveforms, accounting for the variability of each wedge shape. Repeating patterns are visible. The two channels have very similar contours. If sounds are located in the center of the stereo field, rather than the left or right, the waveforms will be identical in both channels. Aspx upc code printingfor .net
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FIGURE 4-4: Missy Elliott s Wake Up, zoomed in from Figure 4-3 Continues
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4 How Music Works
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Reading Waveforms Continued
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If the time is magnified even further, as in Figure 4-5, a new level of detail shows itself. A halfsecond of music is now displayed and the following changes are apparent: You are looking at two distinct rhythmic sounds, the first one starting at 0 seconds, labeled A, and the second one starting around .3 seconds, labeled B. You can actually see the individual oscillations of the waveform. These would correspond with the individual vibrations of a drum or other sound-generating object. The second sound has more visual density, because it has higher frequencies. Even this level of magnification is not enough to see all the details of the second wave. (Frequency will be discussed in greater detail later in this chapter.)
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FIGURE 4-5: Missy Elliott s Wake Up, zoomed in again
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As you get more familiar with working with waveforms, you will be able to navigate more quickly without having to rely solely on your ears. If you want to cut up a song into a perfect loop or layer two tracks in perfect sync so that they sound like one track, recognizing the features in a waveform will be invaluable. You can zoom in to adjust the sound almost imperceptibly, and you can zoom out to get a big picture without having to listen to the whole wave.
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Basics of Rhythm
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Rhythm refers to a pattern of sound events over time. Underlying all Western music is a regular repetition of sounds, which creates patterns of varying levels of emphasis. Because these patterns are delineated by the exact time the sound events occur, it is helpful for the sounds that define the rhythm to be sudden, rather than gradual. For instance, when an object is struck, it begins to vibrate suddenly, and a quick increase of sound intensity is Web barcode developmentwith .net
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4 How Music Works
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generated. This is easily perceived as a rhythmic event because of its quick onset. Slower, more evolving sounds, such as a string section, are not as useful in defining rhythm. A typical rhythmic event will have a wedge shape similar to those in the waveform pictured previously in Figure 4-4. Its onset (or attack) is well-defined, but the dissipation of the sound (or decay) is more gradual.
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Nature is full of repetitive motion, whether it is the vibration of a fly s wings or the slow dripping of water. A series of regularly repeating events is experienced as a pulse, and a single event in the series is called a beat. When you nod your head or tap your foot to a song, you instinctively feel the pulse, which is the rhythmic building block for most of the world s music. You hear a sound, another sound a moment later, and then yet another sound a moment after that, and your brain automatically creates a grid-like mental map of the events over time and builds up an expectation of another sound a second later.
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Beats do not need to have drums in order to define a pulse. There is an additional distinct usage of the word beat, which refers to drum patterns or the overall groove of a song.
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