Left/Right EQ in Java

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Left/Right EQ
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Another way to add stereo imaging to a mono signal is to EQ the left and right channels slightly differently.
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EQ is discussed in detail in the next section, and is available only in ACID Pro.
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Pan the mono sound to the center, and add two track EQs to a single track. In the Channels tab of the first Track EQ, uncheck the Enable Left check box, and then uncheck the Enable Right check box in the other Track EQ. This puts a different EQ effect on each channel of the mono signal. Now, make very small adjustments in the upper range of the EQ on each channel. Make sure that you are not raising or lowering similar frequencies in each effect, so each channel has a distinct character. Don t go crazy with this effect, however. You are not trying to create an EQ-type effect, but just enough to make the sound have a fuller stereo image.
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Here are two free VST plug-ins that are dedicated to creating stereo sounds from mono sources: Voxengo Stereo Touch: Available at www.voxengo.com/product/stereotouch. It basically performs a stereo delay, with the addition of a low-pass filter on the delayed and panned signals (see Figure 12-3).
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FIGURE 12-3: Voxengo Stereo Touch
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Klanglabs StereoFaker: Downloadable at http://klanglabs.siliconemusic .com/freebies/sfaker/sfaker.htm. It provides up to six separate signals, each with its own pan, delay with feedback, and filtering (see Figure 12-4).
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FIGURE 12-4: Klanglabs StereoFaker
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Enhancing Stereo Imaging
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Most of the audio you will deal with is likely already in stereo. However, you may want to alter the existing stereo spectrum of this signal beyond the simple panning of the track to the left or right. Plug-ins are available that can compress or expand a stereo signal, moving the panned elements within the audio further from or closer to center. This effect uses the OOPS technique outlined in 10 to separate the signal into mid and side components, and then manipulates the levels independently before changing them back into left and right signals. The net effect is that the side channels are raised or lowered compared to the center channel, and therefore, the stereo image is widened or narrowed. If elements in the two tracks are panned and seem to be competing with one another, you can use this effect to separate them. One example of a free VST plug-in that implements this effect is Spatty (pictured in Figure 12-5), which is available from MB Plugins at http://mitglied.lycos.de/mbplugins/. To widen the stereo image, raise the side level higher than the mid level, and to narrow it, raise the mid level higher than the side level.
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FIGURE 12-5: Spatty stereo-width-adjusting plug-in
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Life in Mono
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Some people will inevitably end up listening to your mix with reduced stereo separation, either in true mono or with the stereo speakers close enough to each other that the stereo channels are mixed together pretty well. It s important that your mix sounds good in mono. With all the stereo field manipulation that mashup producers engage in, some very strange things can sometimes happen when the mashup is heard in mono. Sounds can disappear due to phase cancellation, or at least have drastically different levels than they do in the stereo signal. Selecting all of your tracks and then panning them all the way to the left or right can simulate this phenomenon, allowing you to listen to your entire mashup in mono. Just press Ctrl+Z to undo this action afterwards.
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EQ refers to the raising or lowering of only a certain range of frequencies in a signal. In a music studio, EQ is used so extensively in mixing that it is almost as important as adjusting the overall levels of the individual tracks. With mashups, EQ is also used quite frequently, although perhaps not quite as often, because the component tracks have presumably already been EQ d in their mastering process.
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