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Plug-ins Mixing Panning EQ Dynamics Effects Listening
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12 Finishing Touches
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mixed and remastered at the same time. From the world of mixing and mastering, mashup producers borrow the following processing techniques to achieve balance and a pleasing sound: Mixing: Adjusting the levels of the components Panning: Adjusting the stereo placement of the components EQ: Altering the presence of various frequencies Dynamics: Altering levels based on the audio s loudness Effects: Various other tricks to enhance the sound Because the entire process often takes place within ACID, a producer may perform all of these processes simultaneously, starting the mixing and mastering even as the arrangement is taking form.
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ACID Pro has effects built in, but ACID XPress cannot use effects internally. Throughout this chapter, if you are using ACID Pro, you ll be placing effects and processors both on individual tracks as well as the entire mix using the master bus. If you cannot see the master bus track, choose View Show Bus Tracks. The Master FX button looks just like the Track FX button, and behaves in the same way, except the effects process the entire mix.
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VST Plug-Ins
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Before diving into this chapter in detail, it s important to understand some general concepts of Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-ins. VST is a standard developed by Steinberg. It has become the most common platform for both audio processors and software-based sound modules, and most audio-production software can handle the standard.
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VST plug-ins are types of effects, and can function only in the Pro version of ACID.
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Usually, all the VST plug-ins in your computer are located in a single folder. Sometimes they are in C:\Program Files\Vstplugins, or perhaps C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins\. ACID Pro allows you to specify up to three folders to search for VST plug-ins. Choose Options Preferences VST Effects. Here you can type or browse to the location where your plug-ins are stored. These are the effects and processes not provided by Sony, but are created by any number of third-party developers. There is a dizzying array of plug-ins available, many of them free to download. Probably the most comprehensive source of up-to-date information on VST effects (and instruments) is It offers news, reviews, and a complete catalog of plug-ins in VST and other formats.
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A VST plug-in designates an audio effect, and a VSTi plug-in is an instrument. VSTis are great for original music production, but they are not as useful for mashup production.
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12 Finishing Touches
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Follow these steps to search for free VST plug-in effects: 1. Go to and scroll down to Advanced Search. 2. In section 1(a), select Effects as the general plug-in/host type. 3. In section 1(b), in the Effects subsection, select the type of effect you are interested in, or don t select any specific effect if you want to see them all. 4. In section 2(a), select VST as the format. 5. In section 3, uncheck the operating systems you re not using. 6. In section 4, uncheck Unreleased and also uncheck Commercial, unless you want to view commercial plug-ins. 7. Click the search button at the bottom of the page. You will be rewarded with a rich selection of free plug-ins to play with. Download them, and dump them into the folder you ve specified in ACID Pro. If ACID is open, you won t be able to access your new plug-ins until you restart. Keep in mind that some of the plug-ins are made by hobbyists, and some are extremely sophisticated.
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The goal of mixing is to achieve a proper balance between all the various elements in your mashup. In the arrangement phase, you ve ensured that certain elements didn t overlap, while others did. Now, in the mixing phase, you ll make sure that the elements that do overlap have pleasant relationships to each other. Proper mixing can ensure that the various sounds are audible even though they are occurring at the same time. Proper mixing can also make certain sounds inaudible if you want to diminish their presence. Chances are that you ve already done some volume adjustment on the various tracks. The mixing of some mashups is so simple that adjusting the volume is the only thing required to make it sound good.
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