Fade-Ins and Fade-Outs in Java

Draw Universal Product Code version A in Java Fade-Ins and Fade-Outs
Fade-Ins and Fade-Outs
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Other times, the smoothest way to bring a track in or out is to ease it gradually. Fade-ins and fade-outs are essentially crossfade transitions with silence, but there are different means to achieve them in ACID. To create a fade-in, drag the uppermost portion of the left edge to the right for the duration of the desired fade-in. For the fade-out, grab the uppermost portion of the right edge of the event and drag to the left. Fade-ins can be less than a sixteenth note in duration, or they may last the duration of several sections.
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Using echoes is a pretty neat trick that is not only a great way to rescue an awkward fade-out, but it can also sound pretty cool when done in the right places. It s not something you want to overuse, but it s a great tool to have in your arsenal. The idea behind an echo fade-out is that by the time the potentially awkward ending takes place, a delayed version of the same sound is already playing, masking out the sudden drop-out
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11 Arrangement: Putting It All Together
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of the original sound. You can use this with a drop-out that happens suddenly or in combination with a rapid fade-out that sounds awkward. Additionally, because you are repeating only the very last part of the audio, you may want to fade it in on the delayed portion in order to prevent smoothing out the sound. You can do this using either flavor of ACID. You need to decide on a delay time for your echo. The usual suspects work well, like one bar or half a bar. But with echoes, other values work nicely too, like three quarter notes or three eighth notes. This echo creates a polyrhythm, which can sound really cool in some places. The next example uses Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics again. Drop the file into ACID and draw a four-bar loop. It will cut off suddenly, and this is the cutoff you will mask with the echoes.
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Echoes with ACID XPress
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Although echoes can most easily be done in ACID Pro using effects, they can be faked pretty well with ACID XPress.
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1. Zoom in until the grid markers show eighth note values, so there are eight tick marks per measure. 2. Place your cursor at the gridline one eighth note past 4.3 and type S to split the event. (It s 4.3.384, although you may not be zoomed in enough to see the tick values.) 3. Create an eighth note fade-out by dragging the upper portion of the left edge of the audio to the left by one grid line (an eighth note). 4. Set the volume to 0.0 dB. 5. Duplicate the track by right-clicking it in the track list and selecting Duplicate Track from the context menu. 6. In the new track, select the first event and delete it. You will be left with only the end portion of the loop, which lasts three eighth notes with a fade on the last eighth note. 7. To smooth the overlap, extend the event on the second track back (to the left) one eighth note. 8. Create an eighth note fade-in on this event by dragging the upper portion of the right edge of the event to the right by one grid line (an eighth note). 9. Lower the volume by 4 dB. (For the second track, that means the volume will be 4 dB.) 10. Drag the event on the newest track three eighth notes to the right. 11. Duplicate this track. 12. Repeat steps 9 through 11 as many times as you like, or until ACID XPress track limit is reached. The final results should look something like Figure 11-12. Notice that each track has a lower volume than the previous one, eventually approaching silence.
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