Hacking the Loop in Java

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Hacking the Loop
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Sometimes, you have the choicest piece of music but the looping transition is just a little bit off, or there s a bit of vocals you d like to eliminate somewhere in the loop. There are a few ways to go about this. For example, suppose you have a great eight-bar instrumental section with just the vibe you are looking for, as represented in Figure 11-1.
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11 Arrangement: Putting It All Together
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Bar 1 Wind Up Chord W
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Bar 2 Chord X
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Bar 3 Chord Y
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Bar 4 Chord Z
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Bar 5 Chord W
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Bar 6 Chord X
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Bar 7 Chord X
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Bar 8 Wind Down Chord Z
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FIGURE 11-1: An instrumental section that a loop could be made from
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You split the event at the beginning and end of the section and then paste a few copies of it, but the transition doesn t sound right, because the section seems to spend the first bar winding down from the previous section and the last bar winding up for the next section. The simplest thing to do would be to simply create a shorter loop, avoiding these wind-ups and wind-downs. If there is a four-chord repeating pattern, with two complete progressions in the eight bars, even those who don t know what a chord is will intuitively feel an anomaly if the chord progression is scrambled. So ideally you d like to preserve it. Simply taking bars 1 through 4, or 5 through 8, will preserve the chord progression, but this will not alleviate the looping problem because each four-bar loop contains a problem bar you are trying to eliminate. And a simple two-bar loop consisting of bars 3 and 4, or bars 5 and 6, would work well, but replacing an eight-bar loop with a two-bar loop seems a bit extreme, and the chord pattern is altered. A simple and elegant solution would be to simply take bars 3 through 6 as a four-bar instrumental loop. Although this solution does indeed work, it needs to be used with caution. Remember that you ideally will preserve the chord progression, and that while bars 3 through 6 have the same chords, the order is displaced by two bars. If you were to place this new loop directly after another section of the same song, the chords wouldn t sound right. The solution to the problem is to place bars 5 and 6 at the beginning of the loop and bars 3 and 4 next. The loop progresses in the same order, but it just starts at bar 5, so that the chord progression remains intact, as shown Figure 11-2.
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Bar 5 Chord W
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Bar 6 Chord X
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Bar 3 Chord Y
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Bar 4 Chord Z
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Bar 5 Chord W
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Bar 6 Chord X
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Bar 3 Chord Y
Bar 4 Chord Z
FIGURE 11-2: The instrumental section made into a smooth four-bar loop
Suppose there is a great little lick in bar 2 that you just need to have, and you miss it terribly in this 5-6-3-4 concoction. Well, there s nothing wrong with creating a 5-2-3-4 loop or even a 5-6-7-4 loop as long as the loop length remains a nice power of two and you can vary the loop s start and end points. You can even place them in the middle of a bar or beat, as long as both ends of the loop are at exactly the same point within the bar or beat. Now suppose you really like both bar 2 and bar 7. In fact, you re pretty fond of all the instrumental section except for those pesky bars 1 and 8. This is when you really need to hack a loop together. Remember: Preserve the placement as much as possible to avoid nasty chord-progression-altering experiences. In this case, you have bar 1 with the same chord as bar 5, and bar 4 with the same chord as bar 8. If you simply split bar 5 at its beginning and end, you can copy it
11 Arrangement: Putting It All Together
and then paste a copy directly over bar 1. Similarly, you can place a copy of bar 4 on top of bar 8. The result is a great eight-bar instrumental loop with even more musical variety than the fourbar solution, as shown in Figure 11-3.