Getting Mono and Stereo wavs from the Six-Channel wav in Java

Incoporate UPC A in Java Getting Mono and Stereo wavs from the Six-Channel wav
Getting Mono and Stereo wavs from the Six-Channel wav
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Open your six-channel wav in Adobe Audition. Audition immediately converts it into six mono waveforms. The first channel will bear the name of your initial wav, and the other five will have the numbers 2 through 6 appended to the end. For example, if your six-channel wav was called output.wav, after you ve loaded it into Adobe Audition, your six mono waves will be titled as follows: output.wav: The left channel output (2).wav: The right channel
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10 Unmixing
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output (3).wav: The center channel output (4).wav: The LFE channel (subwoofer) output (5).wav: The left surround channel output (6).wav: The right surround channel In many surround recordings, the LFE channel will be empty. Additionally, if the recording has been converted from an old quadraphonic recording, the center channel may be silent as well. Each of the waves will be 32-bit if derived from DTS, and 16-bit if from AC3.
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Using the Mono Files
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Each of these channels represents a relatively unmixed version of the music compared with a stereo version. Often you ll find fantastic content in the center channel, such as raw vocals, or vocals mixed with minimal instrumentation. Often the front channels will provide a clean mixdown of the entire song without any reverberation or echo effects. You can simply select the mono wavs you are interested in, choose File Save As, and save the individual wav files, ready to be imported into ACID.
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Each of these wavs will have identical timing, and therefore should have identical offsets and bpm settings within ACID.
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Creating Stereo wavs
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On occasion, you might want to extract two of these mono waves and store them as a single stereo waveform. For example, you may want to combine the front-left and front-right channels into a stereo mixdown without the center channel or rear channel information. This can sometimes result in an instrumental mix with fewer effects than the original. Or you may want to generate a left-right mix of just the surround speakers. The process of creating a new stereo wav is fairly straightforward. Using the extraction of the front left and right channels from a six-channel output.wav as an example, the steps are as follows: 1. Open the six-channel output.wav in Adobe Audition. The front left channel should be visible. 2. Press Ctrl+A+C to select the entire waveform and copy it. 3. Press Ctrl+N to create a new waveform, making sure you select Stereo. 4. Press Ctrl+L+V to select the new left channel and paste in the front-left channel data. 5. Select Window Output (2).wav. Your wav name may be different, but the waveform with the (2) will be the front-right channel. 6. Press Ctrl+A+C to select the entire waveform and copy it.
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10 Unmixing
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7. Select Window Untitled. 8. Press Ctrl+A+R+V to select the entire right channel of your new waveform and paste in the front-right channel data. 9. Select File Save As and save your new stereo wav file.
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Manipulating Stereo Waves
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After you ve created a stereo wav file from the surround sound, you can perform center channel extraction or suppression as discussed earlier in this chapter. In this case, you may not be interested in isolating or eliminating material actually panned to the center, but rather material shared between any two arbitrary channels from which you ve just created your own stereo waveform. Of particular interest are situations where various elements of the mix have different distribution among the channels. For example, suppose you happen upon a remastering of a vintage quadraphonic recording. There are drums, guitar, and bass in both the front and the rear speakers. Being a quadraphonic recording, there is no center channel or subwoofer channel. The vocals are centered between the front-left and the front-right channels, the guitar is panned left in both the front and the rear speakers, the drums are panned right in both the front and the rear speakers, and the bass is panned center in both the front and the rear. If you were to do a simple center channel extraction of the front-left and front-right channels, you would end up with the lead vocals along with the center-panned bass. However, if you create a stereo wave from the front-left and surround-left channels, your wave will have the formerly left-panned guitar at full volume in both channels, the formerly center-panned drums at a slightly lower volume in both channels, and the vocals in only one of the channels. Basically, you end up with a new stereo wave with the drums and bass panned somewhere near the center and the vocals panned hard left (or right, depending on the order in which you paste your channels). Another example is when you have front-left and front-right channels with a full mixdown except for the vocals, and the vocals are in the center channel, except they are mixed with a bit of the left-front and right-front channels. In this situation, first create a stereo wave of the front-left and front-right channels. Then, select Effects Amplitude Channel Mixer. Choose the Average preset, which will sum the two channels into a mono mixdown (though there will still be two identical channels). Cut and paste one of these channels into the left side of a new stereo wave, and paste the center channel of the six-channel mix in the right side. You will now have an instrumental in both channels and the vocals in only the right channel. In both of these examples, the stereo wave you ve constructed may not have equal amounts of the material you want to eliminate in both channels. You may need to adjust the pan setting in your Center Channel Extractor. Check the Spectral Pan Display of any wavs you construct, especially if you are creating front or surround extractions. Then perform center channel suppression as detailed earlier in this chapter. Ideally, you will end up with a wave that is mostly silent, with the vocals in one channel. Copy just that channel (Ctrl+A+L+C or Ctrl+A+R+C) and then create a new mono wav and paste the copied material.
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