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A gate is a form of dynamics processing that seeks to further attenuate the already quiet portions of a waveform. This can sometimes be used after center channel extraction to quiet down the remaining artifacts that occur in the gaps between the vocal phrases. When the sound drops below a certain level, the gate will shut it down entirely. Gating uses the same dynamics processing effect that you used in the last chapter in compression and limiting, but with much different settings. As you can see in Figure 10-24, the upper-right part of the dynamics curve is perfectly aligned with the dotted line, which represents the unprocessed sound. But below a certain threshold (-30dB in the figure), the sound attenuates sharply.
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FIGURE 10-24: The Dynamics Processing screen, showing an example of noise gating
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10 Unmixing
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Here are the steps to finding the best gating curve for your signal: 1. Choose Effects Amplitude Dynamics Processing, and then choose one of the builtin Noise Gate presets. 2. Adjust the cutoff point (the second point from the top right). Click the Preview button and listen to the sound. If too much noise is coming through between the gaps in the desired sound, drag the cutoff point down and left along the dotted line. If too much sound is being cut out, drag the cutoff point up and right along the dotted line. Remember that for pure gating, the upper section of the curve remains on the dotted line, preserving the dynamics above the threshold. If you find that you need to lower the threshold below the floor point (the second point from the bottom left), you may need to first adjust the floor point, moving it to the left. (Leave the top-right and bottom-left points alone for this exercise.) 3. Adjust the floor point to achieve the most natural sounding cutoffs. If the on/off is too striking, then move the floor point to the left, and if the effect is not strong or sharp enough, move the floor point to the right. Vertically, leave the point at 0 (zero) or at a very low level. Back in the noise reduction sample, you got rid of most of the noise in the Milkshake acapella extracted earlier in this chapter. But there are still remaining artifacts, particularly noticeable during the silence in the vocals. Here s how to reduce some of the artifacts left over in the Milkshake acapella extracted from the full song and the instrumental: 1. Load the wav from that example now if it is not already loaded. 2. Drag the existing point at -20,-20 so that it s located around -25,-25, as shown in Figure 10-24. 3. Create another point in the longer section of the blue line, clicking anywhere along its length. Drag this new point down to -50,-100, as shown in Figure 10-24. 4. Click OK and listen. The quiet portions of the wave are all cleaned up now. Not bad for a homemade acapella!
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Audio from Surround Sound
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Surround sound is simply a term used for recordings that use more than two channels. Although most music today is produced for stereo, increasing numbers of recordings are being released in multichannel surround sound formats. Additionally, record companies have figured out that if they remaster an old album in 5.1 surround sound, enthusiasts who already own the stereo recordings will go out and repurchase it. Surround-sound techniques have been around in film since as far back as the 1940s, and most movies have been produced using multichannel sound for many decades. During the late 1960s, people began experimenting with quadraphonic recordings, which consisted of a left and right channel, like regular stereo, but added an additional left and right rear channel. A good number of recordings from the late 1960s and early 1970s were produced for four speakers.
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