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Tian YQ, Watanabe K, Kong XX, Abe J, Iyoda T. 2002. Synthesis, nanostructure, and functionality of amphiphilic liquid crystalline block copolymers with azobenzene moieties. Macromolecules 35:3739 3747. Todorov T, Nikolova L, Tomova N. 1984. Polarization holography. 1: A new high ef ciency organic material with reversible photoinduced birefringence. Appl Opt 23:4309 4312. Victor JG, Torkelson JM. 1987. On measuring the distribution of local free volume in glassy polymers by photochromic and uorescence techniques. Macromolecules 20:2241 2250. Wang DY, Caruso F. 2001. Fabrication of polyaniline inverse opals via templating ordered colloidal assemblies. Adv Mater 13:350 354. Wang G, Tong X, Zhao Y. 2004. Preparation of azobenzene containing amphiphilic diblock copolymers for light responsive micellar aggregates. Macromolecules 37:8911 8917. Wang XG, Balasubramanian S, Li L, Jiang XL, Sandman DJ, Rubner MF, Kumar J, Tripathy SK. 1997a. Self assembled second order nonlinear optical multilayer azo polymer. Macromol Rapid Commun 18:451 459. Wang XG, Balasubramanian S, Tripathy SK, Li L. 1998. Azo chromophore functionalized polyelectrolytes. 1. Synthesis, characterization, and photoprocessing. Chem Mater 10:1546 1553. Wang XG, Kumar J, Tripathy SK, Li L, Chen JI, Marturunkakul S. 1997b. Epoxy based nonlinear optical polymers from post azo coupling reaction. Macromolecules 30:219 225. Weissman JM, Sunkara HB, Tse AS, Asher SA. 1996. Thermally switchable periodicities and diffraction from mesoscopically ordered materials. Science 274:959 960. Whitesides GM, Boncheva M. 2002. Beyond molecules: self assembly of mesoscopic and macroscopic components. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 99:4769 4774. Whitesides GM, Grzybowski B. 2002. Self assembly at all scales. Science 295:2418 2421. Wilhelm M, Zhao CL, Wang YC, Xu RL, Winnik MA, Mura JL, Riess G, Croucher MD. 1991. Poly(styrene ethylene oxide) block copolymer micelle formation in water: a uorescence probe study. Macromolecules 24:1033 1040. Wu LF, Tuo XL, Cheng H, Chen Z, Wang XG. 2001. Synthesis, photoresponsive behavior, and self assembly of poly(acrylic acid) based azo polyelectrolytes. Macromolecules 34:8005 8013. Wu YL, Demachi Y, Tsutsumi O, Kanazawa AT, Shiono A, Ikeda T. 1998. Photoinduced alignment of polymer liquid crystals containing azobenzene moieties in the side chain. 1 Effect of light intensity on alignment behavior. Macromolecules 31:349 354. Xia YN, Gates B, Yin YD, Lu Y. 2000. Monodispersed colloidal spheres: old materials with new applications. Adv Mater 12:693 713. Xie S, Natansohn A, Rochon P. 1993. Recent developments in aromatic azo polymers research. Chem Mater 5:403 411. Xu T, Stevens J, Villa JA, Goldbach JT, Guarini KW, Black CT, Hawker CJ, Russell TP. 2003. Block copolymer surface reconstruction: a reversible route to nanoporous lms. Adv Funct Mater 13:698 702.
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Yager KG, Barrett CJ. 2001. All optical patterning of azo polymer lms. Curr Opin Solid State Mater Sci 5:487 494. Yi DK, Kim DY. 2003. Novel approach to the fabrication of macroporous polymers and their use as a template for crystalline titania nanorings. Nano Lett 3:207 211. Yu YL, Nakano M, Ikeda T. 2003. Direct bending of a polymer lm by light. Nature 425:145 145. Zhang LF, Eisenberg A. 1995. Multiple morphologies of crew cut aggregates of polystyrene b poly(acrylic acid) block copolymers. Science 268:1728 1731. Zhang LF, Shen HW, Eisenberg A. 1997. Phase separation behavior and crew cut micelle formation of polystyrene b poly(acrylic acid) copolymers in solutions. Macromolecules 30:1001 1011. Zollinger H. 1961. Azo and Diazo Chemistry: Aliphatic and Aromatic Compounds. New York: Interscience Publishers. Zollinger H. 1991. Color Chemistry: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Organic Dyes and Pigments. 2nd ed. Weinheim: VCH.
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Yue Zhao
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The incorporation of azobenzene into small amphiphilic molecules to make photosensitive surfactants has been much studied (Eastoe and Vespertinas, 2005; Lee et al., 2004; Shang et al., 2003; Orihara et al., 2001; Kang et al., 2000; Einaga et al., 1999; Sakai et al., 1999; Shin and Abbott, 1999; Yang et al., 1995; Shinkai et al., 1982). The main interest of such surfactants is to cause property changes of aqueous solutions in response to illumination as a result of the trans cis photoisomerization of the chromophore. Not surprisingly, many light-induced property changes are related to a disruption of micelles self-associated by azobenzene surfactant molecules (Lee et al., 2004; Shang et al., 2003; Kang et al., 2000; Shin and Abbott, 1999; Yang et al., 1995). For example, using 4,4u-bis (trimethylammoniumhexyloxy) azobenzene bromide, Shin and Abbot observed a signi cant decrease in dynamic surface tension upon illumination of UV light. They attributed this to a decrease in the number of micelles in solution that increases the rate of mass transport of surfactant molecules to the interface. In another study, Lee et al., demonstrated that the solution viscosity and gelation behavior of mixtures of azobenzene trimethylammonium bromide and a hydrophobically modi ed polymer could be reversibly controlled with UV and visible light. A light-induced dissolution of micelles formed by trans-azobenzene surfactants with the hydrophobic side groups of the polymer, acting as cross-links of polymer chains, was believed to be at the origin of the phenomenon. Generally, azobenzenecontaining surfactants display a higher critical micelle concentration (cmc) with
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Smart Light Responsive Materials. Edited by Yue Zhao and Tomiki Ikeda Copyright r 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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