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Bhatnagar A, et al. 1995. Azoaromatic polyethers. Polymer 36(15):3019 3025. Bian S, et al. 1998. Single laser beam induced surface deformation on azobenzene polymer lms. Appl Phys Lett 73(13):1817 1819. Bian SP, et al. 1999. Photoinduced surface deformations on azobenzene polymer lms. J Appl Phys 86(8):4498 4508. Bian SP, et al. 2000. Photoinduced surface relief grating on amorphous poly(4 phenylazo phenol) lms. Chem Mater 12(6):1585 1590. Borger V, et al. 2005. Novel polymers to study the in uence of the azobenzene content on the photo induced surface relief grating formation. Macromol Chem Phys 206(15):1488 1496. Bublitz D, et al. 2000. Photoinduced deformation of azobenzene polyester lms. Appl Phys B: Lasers Opt 70(6):863 865. Bublitz D, Fleck B, Wenke L. 2001. A model for surface relief formation in azobenzene polymers. Appl Phys B Lasers O 72(8):931 936. Chaumet PC, Nieto Vesperinas M. 2000. Time averaged total force on a dipolar sphere in an electromagnetic eld. Opt Lett 25(15):1065 1067. Chen JP, Labarthet FL, Natansohn A, Rochon P. 1999. Highly stable optically induced birefringence and holographic surface gratings on a new azocarbazole based polyimide. Macromolecules 32(25):8572 8579. Chun CM, Kim MJ, Vak D, Kim DY. 2003. A novel azobenzene based amorphous molecular material with a spiro linked bi uorene. J Materials Chem 13(12):2904 2909. Ciuchi F, Mazzulla A, Cipparrone G. 2002. Permanent polarization gratings in elastomer azo dye systems: comparison of layered and mixed samples. J Opt Soc Am B 19(11):2531 2537. Ciuchi F, Mazzulla A, Carbone G, Cipparrone G. 2003. Complex structures of surface relief induced by holographic recording in azo dye doped elastomer thin lms. Macro molecules 36(15):5689 5693. Delaire JA, Nakatani K. 2000. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of photochromic molecules and materials. Chem Rev 100(5):1817 1846. Dumarcher V, et al. 2000. Polymer thin lm distributed feedback tunable lasers. J Opt A: Pure Appl Opt 2(4):279 283. Egami C, et al. 2000. Two stage optical data storage in azo polymers. Jpn J Appl Phys 1 39(3B):1558 1561. Forrest JA, Dalnoki Veress K. 2001. The glass transition in thin polymer lms. Adv Colloid Interface Sci 94(1 3):167 196. Fukuda T, et al. 2000a. Photofabrication of surface relief grating on lms of azobenzene polymer with different dye functionalization. Macromolecules 33(11):4220 4225. Fukuda T, Sumaru K, Yamanaka T, Matsuda H. 2000b. Photo induced formation of the surface relief grating on azobenzene polymers: analysis based on the uid mechanics. Mol Cryst Liq Cryst 345:587 592. Fukuda T, et al. 2001. Observation of optical near eld as photo induced surface relief formation. Jpn J Appl Phys 2 40(8B):L900 L902. Geue T, et al. 2000. X ray investigations of the molecular mobility within polymer surface gratings. J Appl Phys 87(11):7712 7719.
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Geue T, et al. 2002a. Formation of a buried density grating on thermal erasure of azobenzene polymer surface gratings. Coll Surf A 198 200:31 36. Geue T, Henneberg O, Pietsch U. 2002b. X ray re ectivity from sinusoidal surface relief gratings. Cryst Res Technol 37(7):770 776. Geue TM, et al. 2002c. Formation mechanism and dynamics in polymer surface gratings. Phys Rev E 65(5):052801. Geue TM, et al. 2003. X ray investigations of formation ef ciency of buried azobenzene polymer density gratings. J Appl Phys 93(6):3161 3166. Gordon JP. 1973. Radiation Forces and Momenta in Dielectric Media. Phys Rev A 8(1):14 21. Hasegawa M, Ikawa T, Tsuchimori M, Watanabe O, Kawata Y. 2001. Topographical nanostructure patterning on the surface of a thin lm of polyurethane containing azobenzene moiety using the optical near eld around polystyrene spheres. Macro molecules 34(21):7471 7476. Hasegawa M, Keum C D, Watanabe O. 2002. Enhanced photofabrication of a surface nanostructure on azobenzene functionalized polymer lms with evaporated gold Nanoislands. Adv Mater 14(23):1738 1741. He J A, et al. 2000a. Photochemical behavior and formation of surface relief grating on self assembled polyion/dye composite lm. J Phys Chem B 104(45):10513 10521. He J A, et al. 2000b. Surface relief gratings from electrostatically layered azo dye lms. Appl Phys Lett 76(22):3233 3235. Helgert M, Fleck B, Wenke L, Hvilsted S, Ramanujam PS. 2000. An improved method for separating the kinetics of anisotropic and topographic gratings in side chain azobenzene polyesters. Appl Phys B Lasers O 70(6):803 807. Helgert M, Wenke L, Hvilsted S, Ramanujam PS. 2001. Surface relief measurements in side chain azobenzene polyesters with different substituents. Appl Phys B: Lasers Opt 72(4):429 433. Henneberg O, et al. 2001a. Atomic force microscopy inspection of the early state of formation of polymer surface relief gratings. Appl Phys Lett 79(15):2357 2359. Henneberg O, et al. 2001b. Formation and dynamics of polymer surface relief gratings. Appl Surf Sci 182(3 4):272 279. Henneberg O, Geue T, Rochon P, Pietsch U. 2003. X ray and VIS light scattering from light induced polymer gratings. J Phys D Appl Phys 36(10A):A241 A244. Henneberg O, Geue T, Pietsch U, Saphiannikova M, Winter B. 2004. Investigation of azobenzene side group orientation in polymer surface relief gratings by means of photoelectron spectroscopy. Appl Phys Lett 84(9):1561 1563. Ho MS, Natansohn A, Rochon P. 1995. Azo polymers for reversible optical storage 7. The effect of the size of the photochromic groups. Macromolecules 28(18):6124 6127. Holme NCR, Nikolova L, Ramanujam PS, Hvilsted S. 1997. An analysis of the anisotropic and topographic gratings in a side chain liquid crystalline azobenzene polyester. Appl Phys Lett 70(12):1518 1520. Holme NCR, et al. 1999. Optically induced surface relief phenomena in azobenzene polymers. Appl Phys Lett 74(4):519 521.
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