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Nunzi J M, Fiorini C, Etile A C, Kajzar F. 1998. All optical poling in polymers: dynamical aspects and perspectives. Pure Appl Opt 7(2):141 150. Nyamjav D, Ivanisevic A. 2004. Properties of polyelectrolyte templates generated by dip pen nanolithography and microcontact printing. Chem Mater 16(25):5216 5219. Paik CS, Morawetz H. 1972. Photochemical and thermal isomerization of azoaromatic residues in the side chains and the backbone of polymers in bulk. Macromolecules 5(2):171 177. Park M K, Advincula RC. 2002. In plane photoalignment of liquid crystals by azobenzene polyelectrolyte layer by layer ultrathin lms. Langmuir 18(11):4532 4535. Pieroni O, Houben JL, Fissi A, Costantino P. 1980. Reversible conformational changes induced by light in poly(L glutamic acid) with photochromic side chains. J Am Chem Soc 102(18):5913 5915. Prasad SK, Nair GG. 2001. Effects of photo controlled nanophase segregation in a re entrant nematic liquid crystal. Adv Mater 13(1):40 43. Priest WJ, Sifain MM. 1971. Photochemical and thermal isomerization in polymer matrixes. Azo compounds in polystyrene. J Polym Sci, Part A 9(11):3161 3168. Ramanujam PS, et al. 2001. Physics and technology of optical storage in polymer thin lms. Synth Met 124(1):145 150. Rau H. 1968. Radiationless deactivation of azo compounds and light fastness of azo dyes. Berichte der Bunsen Gesellschaft 72(3):408 414. Rau H. 1990. Photoisomerization of Azobenzenes. In: Rebek J, editor. Photochemistry and Photophysics. Boca Raton (FL): CRC Press, p. 119 141. Rau H, Lueddecke E. 1982. On the rotation inversion controversy on photoisomerization of azobenzenes. Experimental proof of inversion. J Am Chem Soc 104(6):1616 1620. Rau H, Roettger D. 1994. Photochromic azobenzenes which are stable in the trans and cis forms. Mol Cryst Liq Cryst Sci Technol, A 246:143 146. Rau H, Crosby AD, Schau er A, Frank R. 1981. Triplet sensitized photoreaction of azobenzene in sulfuric acid. Z Naturforsch, A: Phys Sci 36(11):1180 1186. Rau H, Greiner G, Gauglitz G, Meier H. 1990. Photochemical quantum yields in the A B system when only the spectrum of A is known. J Phys Chem 94(17):6523 6524. Razna J, Hodge P, West D, Kucharski S. 1999. NLO properties of polymeric Langmuir Blodgett lms of sulfonamide substituted azobenzenes. J Mater Chem 9(8):1693 1698. Reynier N, Dozol J F, Saadioui M, Asfari Z, Vicens J. 1998. Complexation properties of a new photosensitive calix[4]arene crown ether containing azo unit in the lower rim towards alkali cations. Tetrahedron Lett 39(36):6461 6464. Richert L, et al. 2002. Cell interactions with polyelectrolyte multilayer lms. Biomacro molecules 3(6):1170 1178. Rmaile HH, Schlenoff JB. 2003. Optically active polyelectrolyte multilayers as membranes for chiral separations. J Am Chem Soc 125(22):6602 6603. Rochon P, Batalla E, Natansohn A. 1995. Optically induced surface gratings on azoaro matic polymer lms. Appl Phys Lett 66(2):136 138. Rottger D, Rau H. 1996. Photochemistry of azobenzenophanes with three membered bridges. J Photochem Photobiol A Chem 101(2 3):205 214. Rouse JH, Ferguson GS. 2002. Stepwise incorporation of nonpolar polymers within polyelectrolyte multilayers. Langmuir 18(20):7635 7640.
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