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side chains. 2. Photochemically induced isothermal phase transition behaviors. Macro molecules 23(1):42 48. Ikeda T, Sasaki T, Ichimura K. 1993. Photochemical switching of polarization in ferro electric liquid crystal lms. Nature 361:428 430. Ikeda T, Nakano M, Yu Y, Tsutsumi O, Kanazawa A. 2003. Anisotropic bending and unbending behavior of azobenzene liquid crystalline gels by light exposure. Adv Mater 15(3):201 205. Inada T, Terabayashi T, Yamaguchi Y, Kato K, Kikuchi K. 2005. Modulation of the catalytic mechanism of hen egg white lysozyme (HEWL) by photochromism of azobenzene. J Photochem Photobiol A 175(2 3):100 107. Ishikawa J, et al. 2002. Photo induced in plane alignment of LC molecules on layer by layer self assembled lms containing azo dyes evaluated by attenuated total re ection measurements. Colloids Surf A 198 200:917 922. Ishikawa M, et al. 1998. Re ection typeconfocal readout for multilayered optical memory. Opt Lett 23(22):1781 1783. Ivanov M, Todorov T, Nikolova L, Tomova N, Dragostinova V. 1995. Photoinduced changes in the refractive index of azo dye/polymer systems. Appl Phys Lett 66(17):2174 2176. Ivanov M, et al. 2000. Light induced optical activity in optically ordered amorphous side chain azobenzene containing polymer. J Mod Opt 47(5):861 867. Izumi A, Teraguchi M, Nomura R, Masuda T. 2000a. Synthesis of conjugated polymers with azobenzene moieties in the main chain. J Polym Sci, Part A 38(7):1057 1063. Izumi A, Teraguchi M, Nomura R, Masuda T. 2000b. Synthesis of poly(p phenylene) based photoresponsive conjugated polymers having azobenzene units in the main chain. Macromolecules 33(15):5347 5352. Ji HF, et al. 2004. Photon driven nanomechanical cyclic motion. Chem Commun (22):2532 2533. Jiang D L, Aida T. 1997. Photoisomerization in dendrimers by harvesting of low energy photons. Nature 388(6641):454 456. Jiang WH, et al. 2005. Photo switched wettability on an electrostatic self assembly azobenzene monolayer. Chem Commun (Cambridge, UK ) (28):3550 3552. Jiang XL, Li L, Kumar J, Tripathy SK. 1996. Photoassisted poling induced second harmonic generation with in plane anisotropy in azobenzene containing polymer lms. Appl Phys Lett 69(24):3629 3631. Jianhua G, et al. 1998. Surface plasmon resonance research on photoinduced switch properties of liquid crystalline azobenzene polymer Langmuir Blodgett lms. Supramol Sci 5(5 6):675 678. Jin W, Shi X, Caruso F. 2001. High activity enzyme microcrystal multilayer lms. J Am Chem Soc 123(33):8121 8122. Jung B D, et al. 2002. Photochromic hollow shells: photoisomerization of azobenzene polyionene in solution, in multilayer assemblies on planar and spherical surfaces. Colloids Surf A 198 200:483 489. Jung JH, Takehisa C, Sakata Y, Kaneda T. 1996. p (4 Nitrophenylazo)phenol dye bridged permethylated a cyclodextrin dimer: synthesis and self aggregation in dilute aqueous solution. Chem Lett (2):147 148. Junge DM, McGrath DV. 1997. Photoresponsive dendrimers. Chem Commun (9):857 858.
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Junge DM, McGrath DV. 1999. Photoresponsive azobenzene containing dendrimers with multiple discrete states. J Am Chem Soc 121(20):4912 4913. Jursic BS. 1996. Ab initio and density functional theory study of the diazene isomerization. Chem Phys Lett 261(1 2):13 17. Kano K, et al. 1980. Photoresponsive membranes. Regulation of membrane properties by photoreversible cis trans isomerization of azobenzenes. Chem Lett (4):421 424. Kato T, Hirota N, Fujishima A, Frechet JMJ. 1996. Supramolecular hydrogen bonded liquid crystalline polymer complexes. Design of side chain polymers and a host guest system by noncovalent interaction. J Polym Sci, Part A 34(1):57 62. Kawata S, Kawata Y. 2000. Three dimensional optical data storage using photochromic materials. Chem Rev 100(5):1777 1788. Kerzhner BK, Kofanov VI, Vrubel TL. 1983. Photoisomerization of aromatic azo compounds adsorbed on a hydroxylated surface. Zhurnal Obshchei Khimii 53(10):2303 2306. Kim DY, Tripathy SK, Li L, Kumar J. 1995. Laser induced holographic surface relief gratings on nonlinear optical polymer lms. Appl Phys Lett 66(10):1166 1168. Kleideiter G, Sekkat Z, Kreiter M, Lechner MD, Knoll W. 2000. Photoisomerization of disperse red one in lms of poly(methyl methacrylate) at high pressure. J Mol Struct 521(1 3):167 178. Kleinfeld ER, Ferguson GS. 1994. Stepwise formation of multilayered nanostructural lms from macromolecular precursors. Science 265(5170):370 373. Knoll W. 1996. Self assembled microstructures at interfaces. Curr Opin Colloid Interface Sci 1(1):137 143. Kobayashi T, Degenkolb EO, Rentzepis PM. 1979. Picosecond spectroscopy of 1 phenylazo 2 hydroxynaphthalene. J Phys Chem 83(19):2431 2434. Komori K, Yatagai K, Tatsuma T. 2004. Activity regulation of tyrosinase by using photoisomerizable inhibitors. J Biotechnol 108(1):11 16. Kotov NA, Dekany I, Fendler JH. 1995. Layer by layer self assembly of polyelectrolyte semiconductor nanoparticle composite lms. J Phys Chem 99(35):13065 13069. Kwolek S, Morgan P, Schaefgen J. 1985. Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering, 9. New York: John Wiley. Labarthet FL, Buffeteau T, Sourisseau C. 1998. Analyses of the diffraction ef ciencies, birefringence, and surface relief gratings on azobenzene containing polymer lms. J Phys Chem B 102(15):2654 2662. Lamarre L, Sung CSP. 1983. Studies of physical aging and molecular motion by azochromophoric labels attached to the main chains of amorphous polymers. Macro molecules 16(11):1729 1736. Lednev IK, Ye T Q, Hester RE, Moore JN. 1996. Femtosecond time resolved UV visible absorption spectroscopy of trans azobenzene in solution. J Phys Chem 100(32): 13338 13341. Lee S H, et al. 2000. Azo polymer multilayer lms by electrostatic self assembly and layer by layer post azo functionalization. Macromolecules 33(17):6534 6540. Lee S S, et al. 2001. Layer by layer deposited multilayer assemblies of ionene type polyelectrolytes based on the spin coating method. Macromolecules 34(16):5358 5360.
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