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Eich M, Wendorff J. 1990. Laser induced gratings and spectroscopy in monodomains of liquid crystalline polymers. J Opt Soc Am B 7(8):1428. Eichler HJ, Orlic S, Schulz R, Rubner J. 2001. Holographic re ection gratings in azobenzene polymers. Opt Lett 26(9):581 583. Eisenbach CD. 1980a. Cis trans isomerization of aromatic azo chromophores, incorpo rated in the hard segments of poly(ester urethane)s. Macromol Rapid Commun 1(5):287 292. Eisenbach CD. 1980b. Isomerization of aromatic azo chromophores in poly(ethyl acrylate) networks and photomechanical effect. Polymer 21(10):1175 1179. Evans SD, Johnson SR, Ringsdorf H, Williams LM, Wolf H. 1998. Photoswitching of azobenzene derivatives formed on planar and colloidal gold surfaces. Langmuir 14(22):6436 6440. Everlof GJ, Jaycox GD. 2000. Stimuli responsive polymers. 4. Photo and thermo regulated chiroptical behavior in azobenzene modi ed polymers tted with main chain spirobiindane turns and chiral binaphthyl bends. Polymer 41(17):6527 6536. Feng CL, et al. 2001. Reversible wettability of photoresponsive uorine containing azobenzene polymer in langmuir blodgett lms. Langmuir 17(15):4593 4597. Fischer B, et al. 1997. The packing of azobenzene dye moieties and mesogens in polysiloxane copolymers and its impact on the opto dielectric effect. Liq Cryst 22(1):65 74. Fischer E. 1967. Calculation of photostationary states in systems A B when only A is known. J Phys Chem 71(11):3704 3706. Fissi A, Pieroni O, Ciardelli F. 1987. Photoresponsive polymers poly(L lysine). Biopolymers 26(12):1993 2007. azobenzene containing
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Fissi A, Pieroni O, Balestreri E, Amato C. 1996. Photoresponsive polypeptides. Photomodu lation of the macromolecular structure in poly(N((phenylazophenyl)sulfonyl) L lysine). Macromolecules 29(13):4680 4685. Fujino T, Tahara T. 2000. Picosecond time resolved raman study of trans azobenzene. J Phys Chem A 104(18):4203 4210. Fujino T, Arzhantsev SY, Tahara T. 2001. Femtosecond time resolved uorescence study of photoisomerization of trans azobenzene. J Phys Chem A 105(35):8123 8129. Fujita T, Iyi N, Klapyta Z. 1998. Preparation of azobenzene mica complex and its photoresponse to ultraviolet irradiation. Mater Res Bull 33(11):1693 1701. Fujita T, Iyi N, Klapyta Z. 2001. Optimum conditions for photoresponse of azobenzene organophilic tetrasilicic mica complexes. Mater Res Bull 36(3 4):557 571. Funke U, Gruetzmacher HF. 1987. Dithiadiaza[n.2]paracyclophenes. Tetrahedron 43(16):3787 3795. Furukawa J, Takamori S, Yamashita S. 1967. Preparation of block copolymers with a macro azo nitrile as an initiator. Angew Makromol Chem 1(1):92 104. Gabor G, Fischer E. 1971. Spectra and cis trans isomerism in highly dipolar derivatives of azobenzene. J Phys Chem 75(4):581 583. Gallot B, Fa otte M, Fissi A, Pieroni O. 1996. Liquid crystalline structure of poly(L lysine) containing azobenzene units in the side chain. Macromol Rapid Commun 17(8):493 501.
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