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van Delden RA, van Gelder MB, Huck NPM, Feringa BL. 2003. Controlling the color of cholesteric liquid crystalline lms by photoirradiation of a chiroptical molecular switch used as dopant. Adv Funct Mater 13(4):319 324. van Delden RA, Mecca T, Rosini C, Feringa BL. 2004. A chiroptical molecular switch with distinct chiral and photochromic entities and its application in optical switching of a cholesteric liquid crystal. Chem Eur J 10(1):61 70. Yablonovitch E. 1987. Inhibited spontaneous emission in solid state physics and electro nics. Phys Rev Lett 58(20):2059 2062. Yamaguchi T, Inagawa T, Nakazumi H, Irie S, Irie M. 2001. Photoinduced pitch changes in chiral nematic liquid crystals formed by doping with chiral diarylethene. J Mater Chem 11(10):2453 2458. Yang D K, Huange X Y, Zhu Y M. 1997. Bistabel cholesteric re ective displays: materials and drive schemes. Annu Rev Mater Sci 27:117 146. Yoshioka T, Ogata T, Nonaka T, Moritsugu M, Kim S N, Kurihara S. 2005. Reversible photon mode full color display by means of photochemical modulation of a helically cholesteric structure. Ad Mater 17:1226 1229.
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