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Pedersen TG, Johansen PM, Holme NCR, Ramanujam PS, Hvilsted S. 1998. Mean eld theory of photoinduced formation of surface reliefs in side chain azobenzene polymers. Phys Rev Lett 80:89 92. Peluso P, Wilson DS, Do D, Tran H, Venkatasubbaiah M, Quincy D, Heidecker, B, Poindexter K, Tolani N, Phelan M, Witte K, Jung LS, Wagner P, Nock S. 2003. Optimizing antibody immobilization strategies for the construction of protein micro arrays. Anal Biochem 312:113 124. Rabek JF. 1988. Photochemistry and Photophysics Vol. II. Florida: CRC Press. Todorov T, Nikolova L, Tomova N. 1984. Polarization holography. 1: A new high ef ciency organic material with reversible photoinduced birefringence. Appl Opt 23:4309 4312. Tripathy SK, Kim DY, Jiang L, Li L, Lee TS, Wang X, Kumar J. 1997. New paper based photonic azopolymers for recording and retrieval. Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 3227:176 183. Voller A, Bartlett A, Bidwell DE. 1978. Enzyme immunoassays with special reference to ELISA techniques J Clin Pathol 31:507 520. Watanabe O. 2004. Molecular recognition and immobilization of biomolecules induced by photo irradiation on the surface of an azopolymer R&D Review of Toyota CRDL 39 46. http://www.tytlabs.co.jp/english/review/index.html Watanabe O, Ikawa T, Hasegawa M, Tsuchimori M, Kawata Y, Egami C, Sugihara O. 2000. Transcription of near eld induced by photo irradiation on a lm of azo containing urethane urea copolymer. Optical near eld induced change in viscoelasticity on an azobenzene containing polymer surface. Mol Cryst Liq Cryst Sci Technol Sect A 345:305 310. Watanabe O, Ikawa T, Hasegawa M, Tsuchimori M, Kawata Y. 2001. Nanofabrication induced by near eld exposure from a nanosecond laser pulse. Appl Phys Lett 79: 1366 1368. Watanabe O, Narita M, Ikawa T, Tsuchumori M. 2006. Photo induced deformation behavior depending on the glass transition temperature on the surface of urethane copolymers containing a push pull type azobenzene moiety. Polymer 47:4742 4749. Watanabe O, Ikawa T, Kato T, Tawata M, Shimoyama H. 2006. Area selective photo immobilization of a two dimensional array of colloidal spheres on a photodeformed template formed in photoresponsive azopolymer lm. Appl Phys Lett 88:204107. Yager KG, Barrett CJ. 2006. Novel photo switching using azobenzene functional materials J Photochem Photobiol A Chem 182:250 261. Yamamoto T, Hasegawa M, Kanazawa A, Shiono T, Ikeda T. 1999. Phase type gratings formed by photochemical phase transition of polymer azobenzene liquid crystals: enhancement of diffraction ef ciency by spatial modulation of molecular alignment. J Phys Chem 103:9873 9878. Ye YH, Badilescu S, Truong VV, Rochon P, Natansohn A. 2001. Self assembly of colloidal spheres on patterned substrates. Appl Phys Lett 79:872 874. Zhao Y, Bai SY, Asatryan K, Galstian T. 2003. Holographic recording in a photoactive elastomer Adv Funct Mater 13:781 788. Zilker SJ, Bieringer T, Haarer D, Stein RS, van Egmond JW, Kostromine SG. 1998. Holographic data storage in amorphous polymers. Adv Mater 10:855 857.
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Seiji Kurihara
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Cholesteric liquid crystals (Ch LCs) have attracted the keenest interest of scientists because of their unique helical supramolecular structures, which can re ect light selectively in particular spectral regions (Feringa et al., 2000; De Gennes and Prost, 1993; Finkelmann and Stegemeyer, 1978, 1974). A Ch LC can be induced in a nematic LC system by doping a chiral compound. Ch phases are characterized by the helical packing of the mesogens with a certain sign and a certain pitch. The helical pitch, which is de ned as the distance in an LC needed for the director of the individual mesogens to rotate through a full 3601, is a measure of the chirality of the system. The optical properties of the Ch LCs depend, in part, on their pitch, and these can be altered either by changing the structure of LC molecules themselves or by admixing auxiliaries that change the helical arrangements of the molecules of the Ch LCs (Gottarelli and Spada, 1985; Gottarelli et al., 1983, 1981). When illuminated with white light, the Ch LCs re ect light of particular wavelengths dependent on the helical pitch of the LC phase (De Gennes and Prost, 1993). According to the theory, the selective re ection wavelength (l) of the Ch LCs is governed by the following equation as shown in Fig. 10.1: l np 10:1
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where p is the helical pitch length and n is the refractive index of the LC. Another important parameter of Ch LC systems is the so-called helical twisting power (HTP), de ned as the ability of a chiral group to induce Ch mesomorphism in a nematic host. HTP depends on the dipole quadruple
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Smart Light Responsive Materials. Edited by Yue Zhao and Tomiki Ikeda Copyright r 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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