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cross-talk between encoded pages. Some azo chromophores exhibit biphotonic phenomena, which could be employed to enhance optical data storage. Surface Mass Transport. In 1995, a surprising and unprecedented optical effect was discovered in polymer thin lms containing the azo chromophore Disperse Red 1 (DR1). The Natansohn Rochon (Rochon et al., 1995) research team and the Tripathy Kumar collaboration (Kim et al., 1995) simultaneously and independently discovered a large-scale surface mass transport when the lms were irradiated with a light interference pattern. In a typical experiment, two coherent laser beams, with a wavelength in the azo-absorption band, are intersected at the sample surface. The sample usually consists of a thin spin-cast lm (10 1000 nm) of an amorphous azo polymer on a transparent substrate. The sinusoidal light interference pattern at the sample surface leads to a sinusoidal surface patterning, that is, a surface relief grating (SRG). These gratings were found to be extremely large, up to hundreds of nanometers, as con rmed by atomic force microscopy (AFM). The SRGs diffract very ef ciently, and in retrospect, it is clear that many reports of large diffraction ef ciency before 1995, attributed to birefringence, were in fact due to surface gratings. The process occurs readily at room temperature (well below the Tg of the amorphous polymers used) with moderate irradiation (1 100 mW cm 2) over seconds to minutes. The phenomenon is a reversible mass transport, not irreversible material ablation, since a at lm with the original thickness is recovered upon heating above Tg. Critically, it requires the presence and isomerization of azobenzene chromophores. Other absorbing but nonisomerizing chromophores do not produce SRGs. Many other systems can exhibit optical surface patterning (Yamaki et al., 2000), but the amplitude of the modi cation is much smaller, does not involve mass transport, and usually requires additional processing steps. The all-optical patterning unique to azobenzenes has been studied intensively since its discovery, yet there remains controversy regarding the mechanism. The competing interpretations are evaluated in 4, where they are discussed at length. Many reviews of the remarkable body of experimental results are available (Natansohn and Rochon, 2002; Delaire and Nakatani, 2000; Yager and Barrett, 2001; Viswanathan et al., 1999).
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This work is dedicated to Professors Almeria Natansohn and Sukant Tripathy, teachers and pioneers in the eld of azo polymers, who were unable to see the completion of this book.
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Abraham G, Purushothaman E. 1998. Synthesis and photostimulated dilation changes of polymers with azobenzene cross links. Indian J Chem Technol 5(4):213 216.
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