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Pouliquen G, Tribet C. 2006. Light triggered association of bovine serum albumin and azobenzene modi ed poly(acrylic acid) in dilute and semidilute solutions. Macromole cules 39(1):373 383. Pouliquen G, Porcar I, Tribet C, Amiel C. 2002. Photoresponsive thickening in poly amphiphile based physical gels: the example of micelles, protein and cyclodextrin cross linkers. In: Bohidar H, Dubin P, Osada Y, editors. ACS Advances in Chemistry. Series 833 (Polymer Gels: Fundamentals and Applications). Chap 18, pp. 262 289. Pouliquen G, Amiel C, Tribet C. 2007. Photoresponsive viscosity and host guest associa tion in aqueous mixtures of poly cyclodextrin with azobenzene modi ed poly(acrylic) acid. J Phys Chem B 111(20):5587 5595. Rau, H. 2003. Azo compounds. In: Durr H, Bouas laurent H, editors. Photochromism Molecules and Systems, Amsterdam: Elsevier pp. 165 190. Ravoo BJ, Jacquier JC. 2002. Host guest interaction between beta cyclodextrin and hydrophobically modi ed poly(isobutene alt maleic acid) studied by af nity capillary electrophoresis. Macromolecules 35(16):6412 6416. Rodriguez Cabello JC, Alonso M, Guiscardo L, Reboto V, Girotti A. 2002. Ampli ed photoresponse of a p phenylazobenzene derivative of an elastin like polymer by alpha cyclodextrin: the ampli ed delta T t mechanism. Adv Mater 14(16):1151 1154. Sanchez AM, deRossi RH. 1996. Effect of beta cyclodextrin on the thermal cis trans isomerization of azobenzenes. J Org Chem 61(10):3446 3451. Shang TG, Smith KA, Hatton TA. 2003. Photoresponsive surfactants exhibiting unusually large, reversible surface tension changes under varying illumination conditions. Lang muir 19(26):10764 10773. Shang TG, Smith KA, Hatton TA. 2006. Self assembly of a nonionic photoresponsive surfactant under varying irradiation conditions: a small angle neutron scattering and cryo TEM study. Langmuir 22(4):1436 1442. Shibaev V, Bobrovsky A, Boiko N. 2003. Photoactive liquid crystalline polymer systems with light controllable structure and optical properties. Prog Polym Sci 28(5):729 836. Shimomura T, Funaki T, Ito K, Choi BK, Hashizume T. 2002. Circular dichroism study of the inclusion dissociation behavior of complexes between a molecular nanotube and azobenzene substituted linear polymers. J Inclusion Phenom Macrocyclic Chem 44(1 4):275 278. Shulkin A, Stover HDH. 2003. Photostimulated phase separation encapsulation. Macro molecules 36(26):9836 9839. Strzegowski LA, Martinez MB, Gowda DC, Urry DW, Tirrell DA. 1994. Photomodulation of the inverse temperature transition of a modi ed elastin poly(pentapeptide). J Am Chem Soc 116(2):813 814. Suzuki M, Kajtar M, Szejtli J, Vikmon M, Fenyvesi E, Szente L. 1991. Inclusion compounds of cyclodextrins and azo dyes 9. Induced circular dichroism spectra of complexes of cyclomaltooligosaccharides and azobenzene derivatives. Carbohydr Res 214(1):25 33. Tokuhisa H, Yokoyama M, Kimura K. 1998. Photoinduced switching of ionic conductivity by metal ion complexes of vinyl copolymers carrying crowned azobenzene and biphenyl moieties at the side chain. J Mater Chem 8(4): 889 891.
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Tomatsu I, Hashidzume A, Harada A. 2006. Contrast viscosity changes upon photo irradiation for mixtures of poly(acrylic acid) based alpha cyclodextrin and azobenzene polymers. J Am Chem Soc 128(7):2226 2227. Tong X, Wang G, Soldera A, Zhao Y. 2005. How can azobenzene block copolymer vesicles be dissociated and reformed by light J Phys Chem B 109(43):20281 20287. Ueno A, Shimizu T, Mihara H, Hamasaki K, Pitchumani K. 2002. Supramolecular chemistry of cyclodextrin peptide hybrids: azobenzene tagged peptides. J Inclusion Phenom Macrocyclic Chem 44(1 4):49 52. Wang G, Tong X, Zhao Y. 2004. Preparation of azobenzene containing amphiphilic diblock copolymers for light responsive micellar aggregates. Macromolecules 37(24):8911 8917. Willner I, Rubin S. 1996. Control of the structure and functions of biomaterials by light. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 35(4):367 385. Yang L, Takisawa N, Kaikawa T, Shirahama K. 1996. Interaction of photosurfactants, [[[4u [(4 alkylphenyl)azo]phenyl]oxy]ethyl]trimethylammomium bromides, with alpha and beta cyclodextrins as measured by induced circular dichroism and a surfactant selective electrode. Langmuir 12(5):1154 1158. Zheng PJ, Hu X, Zhao XY, Li L, Tam KC, Gan LH. 2004. Photoregulated sol gel transition of novel azobenzene functionalized hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and its alpha cyclodextrin complexes. Macromol Rapid Commun 25(5):678 682. Zheng PJ, Wang C, Hu X, Tam KC, Li L. 2005. Supramolecular complexes of azocellulose and alpha cyclodextrin: isothermal titration calorimetric and spectroscopic studies. Macromolecules 38(7):2859 2864. Zheng PQ, Li Z, Tong LH, Lu RH. 2002. Study of inclusion complexes of cyclodextrins with Orange II. J Inclusion Phenom Macrocyclic Chem 43(3 4):183 186.
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