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11 Cross-Layer Scheduling Design Based on Queueing Theory and Information Theory 11.1 Overview 417 11.1.1 Cross-Layer Scheduling Model 420 11.2 Multiuser Physical Layer Model 423 11.2.1 Graph Model 424 11.2.2 on/off Channel Model 427 11.2.3 Information-Theoretic Model 429 11.3 Motivations for Cross-Layer Scheduling in Multiuser Wireless Networks 431 11.4 Stability Region 434 11.4.1 Stability Region of Time-Invariant Physical Layer 435 11.4.2 Stability Region of Stochastic Physical Layer 437 11.4.3 Scheduling Design for Stability 441 11.5 Cross-Layer Scheduler Design for Delay Minimization 444 11.5.1 Problem Formulation 445 11.5.2 Optimal Solution 447 11.5.3 Description of LQHPR Policy 451 11.5.4 Performance of an Example System 452 11.6 Summary 454 Appendix 11A: Proof of Theorem 11.1 on Stability Region of Deterministic Physical Layer 455 Appendix 11B: Proof of Theorem 11.2 on Stability Region of Stochastic Physical layer 456 Appendix 11C: Proof of Theorem 11.3 on Throughput Optimality of MW Scheduling 457 Appendix 11D: Proof of Theorem 11.5 on Throughput Optimality of EXP Scheduling 458 Appendix 11E: Conditions for Stability of a Stochastic Process 460 Appendix 11F: Proof of Theorem 11.6 on Throughput Optimality of Tse Hanly Policy 461 Exercises 462 12 Channel-Adaptive Ad Hoc Routing 12.1 Overview 465 12.2 Background 465 12.3 Overview of Ad Hoc Routing Protocols 467 12.3.1 AODV Protocol 467 12.3.2 DSDV Protocol 467 12.3.3 DSR Protocol 468 12.3.4 ABR Protocol 469 12.3.5 Link State Routing Protocol 469
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Receiver-Initiated Channel-Adaptive (RICA) Routing 470 12.4.1 Channel Model 470 12.4.2 Route Discovery 471 12.4.3 Broadcast of CSI Checking Packets 473 12.4.4 Route Maintenance 475 12.4.5 Route Updating 476 12.4.6 Comparison with Other Protocols 479 12.5 Performance Results 479 12.5.1 Simulation Environment 479 12.5.2 Average End-to-End Delay 482 12.5.3 Successful Percentage of Packet Delivery 483 12.5.4 Routing Control Overhead 485 12.5.5 Scalability 486 12.5.6 Varying Offered Traf c Load 486 12.5.7 Quality of Routes 487 12.5.8 Observations in the Simulations 488 12.5.9 Critiques on the Four Protocols 490 12.6 Summary 491 Exercises 491 References Topic Index 493 503
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P.1. P.2. P.3. P.4. 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. 1.5. 1.6. 1.7. 1.8. 1.9. 1.10. 1.11.
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Architecture of multiantenna transmitter without feedback. Layered architecture of communication systems. Architecture of MIMO transmitter with feedback of channel state. Architecture of MAC layer with channel state feedback. Delay spread and coherence bandwidth. Doppler spread and coherence time. Illustration of angle spread and coherence distance. Summary of fading channels. Time frequency autocorrelation and delay Doppler spectrum. Illustration of space frequency autocorrelation and delay wavenumber spectrum. Illustration of tapped-delay-line frequency-selective channel model. Illustration of signal constellations. Optimal detector structure based on matched ltering for fading channels with zero ISI transmit pulse. Illustration of mutual information. Illustration of data processing inequality. Preprocessing at the receiver and postprocessing at the transmitter cannot increase mutual information; C2 C1. Various modes of random sequence convergence. Illustration of a typical set. Illustration of a jointly typical set. Channel encoder. Generic channel. Illustration of channel decoder. An M-input, Q-output discrete memoryless channel. Binary symmetric channel. Binary erasure channel. Discrete-input continuous-output channel.
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1.22. 2.1. 2.2. 2.3. 2.4. 2.5. 2.6. 2.7. 2.8. 2.9. 2.10. 2.11.
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A plot of bandwidth ef ciency versus Eb/h0 for AWGN channel. Block fading channel model. A general model of transmission and causal partial feedback strategies for block fading channels. General structure of an adaptive channel encoder. General structure of an adaptive channel decoder. Binary block fading channel with two states. Block diagram of equivalent-channel model with CSIR only. Optimal transmitter structure of fast fading MIMO channels with perfect CSIR. MIMO ergodic capacity versus number of antennas [126], with SNR ranges of 0 35 dB. Asymptotic ergodic capacity versus number of antennas [126], with SNR ranges of 0 35 dB in 5-dB increments. Rayleigh fading MIMO channel model with correlated fading. Ergodic MIMO capacity with perfect CSIR at various antenna separations and angle spreads [140]; SNR = 20 dB and nT = nR = 4. Line-of-sight MIMO channel model in free space. Outage capacity for MIMO channels with CSIR [126]. Illustration of channel-adaptive transmitter with perfect CSIT. Block diagram of the equivalent-channel model with full CSIT only. A discrete memoryless channel with CSIT. Capacity achieving con guration for the equivalent channel. Ergodic capacity of MIMO channels with ideal CSIT and CSIR. A summary of various channel capacities in fading channels. Lower bound and upper bound of 4 4 MIMO ergodic 2 capacity versus SNR at various CSIR estimation errors s e. A table of the best packing [123] found for N 50 lines in G(m, 1) where m 9. The values indicate the maximum angle separations. Block diagram of a MIMO system for spatial diversity. Table of generated codebook based on Grassmannian search for nT = 2,3 and Q = 2,4,8. Capacity comparison of unquantized beamforming with three Grassmannian beamforming schemes [93] for a 4 2 MIMO system. Block diagram of MIMO systems with spatial multiplexing.
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