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In this chapter, we have presented a qualitative and quantitative analysis of different fair queueing scheduling algorithms in wireless networks. Because of the time-varying nature of the wireless channel in a practical situation, burst errors are the norm rather than an exception. Thus, we believe that a good scheduling algorithm should take into consideration and exploit the variations of channel conditions among the mobile devices. In this regard, we describe a new notion of fairness in which a scheduler is fair with respect to the throughput normalized by the channel capacity. Using this new fairness de nition, we describe a new scheduling algorithm called CAFQ (channel-adaptive fair queueing). In the numerical results, we have seen that the CAFQ algorithm can balance the frequently con icting goals of maintaining fair service and maximizing overall system throughput. There are several possible avenues of further research. The CAFQ algorithm is a centralized approach. It would be more practicable if we could devise a distributed implementation such that both the base station and the mobile devices contribute in the scheduling process, in a manner similar to the
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algorithm suggested by Kelly [66]. Furthermore, aided by the informationtheoretic understanding of the throughput capacity of a multiaccess fading channel, it would be interesting to study the theoretical behaviors of the CAFQ algorithm for scheduling multimedia data transmission in a CDMA system that involves several more system dimensions such as interference, power control, and soft handoff.
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EXERCISES 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.4 8.5 Explain effort fair and outcome fair. Explain why compensation is needed in a wireless packet scheduling scheme. With compensation, how does wireless scheduling deviate from the idealized GPS algorithm Explain the differences between short-term fairness and long-term fairness. Discuss the effects of a multilevel channel state wireless medium on the scheduling policy.
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PROBLEM 1. Weighted Fair Queueing and Packet-by-Packet Generalized Processor Sharing Weighted Fair Queueing (WFQ), also known as Generalized Processor Sharing (GPS), was designed as a scheduling algorithm for wire line system. It assumed the sessions work to in nitely divisible and the system can support all the sessions simultaneously. Every session shares the bandwidth proportionally to the priorities preset to the sessions which are then served in a Round Robin manner. PGPS, being a packetised version of GPS, transmit packet which comes rst and has the highest priority. In order words, only 1 packet can depart at any time instant. Suppose there are 2 users with priorities f1 and f2. Decide the work progress of GPS if the packets of users 1 and 2 arrive as shown in gure 1, three packets of user 1 being backlogged at time 0 and 1 packet from user 2 backlogged at time 0 and some more packets arrive later. Assume the system capacity is of unit 1. (a) Compute the work progress of GPS if f1 = f2. (b) Compute the work progress for GPS if f1 = 2f2. (c) Compute the work progress of PGPS if f1 = f2. (d) Compute the work progress for PGPS if f1 = 2f2.
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Figure 1. Packets arrivals for GPS and PGPS.
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Figure 2. Packets arrivals in the comparisons for GPS, PGPS and WF2Q.
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Worst case Weighted Fair Queueing PGPS is claimed to have a performance no worse than a packet with maximum packet size compared to GPS system. However, packets can depart at PGPS faster than GPS even if they started later in PGPS. And that would lead to discrepancy between GPS and PGPS and alternate high and low throughput in the PGPS. WF2Q is designed as a better approximation of GPS and the performance is proved to be the same as GPS asymptotically. In this question, we are going to take a look at GPS, PGPS and WF2Q and understand their relationship. In WF2Q, the server considers packets that have started receiving service in GPS. Or formally, pik bik,GPS t bik,PGPS
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k where bi,PGPS is the start time of service of packet pik in GPS system k whereas bi,PGPS is the start time of service of packet pik in PGPS system.
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