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(S - D) 1.5G g0 = g 0 + 1.5G - S - D g 0
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where D is the system capacity reservation factor. 8.7.2 CAFQ for CDMA Systems
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In CDMA networks, multiple mobile terminals can transmit at the same time. Using a multicode approach, multiple packets from a certain mobile terminal
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can transmit at the same time. However, as governed by the power and interference budgets, the number of simultaneous transmissions of packets is limited. We use the multicode CDMA framework proposed by Liu et al. [92] (i.e., equations (17) to (22) in that article [92]) and the method of calculating the optimal power allocation given the code/rate allocation. In applying the CAFQ algorithm [142] in a multicode TD-CDMA system, we de ne resource as the number of codes that the base station can support or the number of channels in which the base station can transmit packets at the same time given the target SINR value. Assuming perfect power control, the resource of the cell can be calculated as given by the following equation [92] N= G +1 gb (8.17)
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where gb is the required bit-energy-to-noise-density ratio at the base station. Packets from the same mobile terminal can be delivered simultaneously to reduce the interference level of the system, but the number is limited by the BER (bit error rate) requirement of their traf c types. For a certain mobile terminal transmitting packets of service type T, the allowed number of code channels is bounded by MT. For voice service mobile terminals, only one packet needs to be transmitted at a time. However, for data service mobile terminals, several packets can be transmitted together depending on the channel conditions and the interference/power budgets. At the beginning of a frame, the system resource is initialized as governed by Equation (8.17), so there is full resource available to schedule. Then the session with the highest priority according to CAFQ is selected to receive service and the number of codes allocated to this session is determined using Equation (8.16). After the scheduling, the remaining resource is updated accordingly. For example, suppose that there is resource remaining and session i is selected according to CAFQ; the system will allocate Ci codes to session i, where Ci is the smaller one between the remaining resource C and MT if session i is service type T. After the scheduling decision, the remaining resource will be decreased as C C - Ci. After the packet at the head of the session i gets transmitted, the remaining resource will be increased as C C + Ci. When it is not the end of the simulation and there is no remaining resource, it will wait until a certain session nishes transmitting and returns the resource. When a session is selected, the system will compare the effective service share ri of this session and the remaining resource C. The smaller one is the number of codes assigned to it. Hence, Ci min(ri, C). The lagging and non lagging de nitions; the updating of Ni, Li and D; and the virtual compensation session are manipulated as described in Section For a lagging session chosen to transmit packets in the real system, Ni is updated as follows
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Ni Ni +
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Ci li ri f (F i )
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where Ci is the number of codes assigned to session i.When a session i becomes nonlagging and no longer suffers from the worst channel state, Li is initialized in a manner analogous to that for Ni. When there is remaining system resource, the algorithm works as follows. When it is a normal session that is selected in the simulated reference system (round-robin runs in the reference system when MT 1 because the system allocates the codes according to service shares in the real system), a backlogged lagging session with the smallest Ni will be selected in the real system to get service. It will allocate Ci codes to mobile terminal i, and after this, the resource will be decreased by Ci. If there is no such kind of lagging session available, the service chance goes to the nonlagging session with the least Li. If all sessions are not backlogged, scheduling will be done in the next frame. If the session i selected in the real system is not the session j that is selected in the simulated error-free one, the D values of i and j will both be updated as Di Di - Ci li and Dj Dj + rj lj, respectively. Otherwise, the D values will not be changed. When it is the virtual compensation session that is selected in the reference system and there is a session ID waiting in the queue, the session with the ID at the head of the virtual compensation queue will be scheduled to transmit in the real system. The D value of this session i will be decreased as Di Di Ci li. Session i must be the one that is currently having a perfect channel state and lags most seriously.
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