Channel-Adaptive Fair Queueing in .NET

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Channel-Adaptive Fair Queueing
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CAFQ [143] has the following features:
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A new notion of fairness is employed. Contrary to CIFQ, graceful degradation is not ensured to help the lagging session more ef ciently.
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Algorithm 1 Receive 1: INPUT: VC (virtual compensation ow), p (packet), and A (set of backlogged ows); 2: if queue[ID] A before receiving p then 3: ID.lag = 0; 4: ID.V initialize; 5: ID.C initialize; 6: if (ID.lag > 0) AND ( == 1) AND (ID VC queue) then 7: Add ID to the VC queue; 8: end if 9: A = A + {ID}; 10: end if 11: Add p to queue[ID];
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A punish factor is used to decide how seriously the scheduler punishes a nonperfect channel state session that transmit packets (thus, the notion of punishment is de ned with respect to the goal of maximizing overall system throughput). A virtual compensation session is incorporated to help the lagging sessions catch up.
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Fairness should be maintained in that as long as a session can transmit some data, it should be provided with some chance to transmit. At the same time, QoS should also be met. However, from the system manager s viewpoint, it is hard to meet these two sometimes con icting goals with a limited bandwidth and channels that have time-varying quality. This is because whenever a session without an excellent channel state is allowed to transmit, there part of the bandwidth will be wasted, and the wasted bandwidth can never be replenished. It should be noted that this is very different from the idea of swapping sessions that are error-free and error-prone as in existing scheduling algorithms such as CIFQ. When an error-free session takes the opportunity of an errorprone sessions, it will relinquish the service when the error-prone one is in a good channel state. Indeed, if abundant bandwidth is available or the channel state is most likely to be excellent, we should maintain the graceful degradation and prevent the leading sessions from starving. However, in a realistic system in which the channel is usually not so good, we cannot expect to achieve perfect allocations, but rather we should meet the sessions QoS rst. Thus, in the CAFQ algorithm, graceful degradation is not implemented and the rationale is to compensate the lagging sessions as soon as possible so as to quickly resume a higher throughput and reduce the delay.
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Algorithm 2 Schedule 1: i = min{Vi | i A}; 2: j = min{Ci | i A}; 3: k = min{Fi | i A}; 4: if VC queue is empty then 5: n = -1; 6: else 7: n = ID at the head of the VC queue; 8: end if 9: if (i == VC) AND (n -1) then 10: Send(n, i); 11: else 12: if j -1 then 13: Send(j, i ); 14: else 15: if k -1 then 16: Send(k, i ); 17: else 18: Send(0, -3); {No packet to send} 19: end if 20: end if 21: end if
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Algorithm 3 Schedule(j, i ) 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: 24: 25: 26: 27: if i == -3 then Schedule in the next frame; {No packet to send} else Transmit the packet at head of queue[j ]; if queue[j ] is empty then A = A - {j }; end if if i == VC then VC.V update; j.lag = j.lag-packetlength; if j.lag just becomes non-lagging then initialize j.F; end if if j continues to be non-lagging then update j.F; end if if j continues to be lagging then update j.C; end if if ((j just becomes non-lagging) OR (j A)) AND (j VC) then Delete j from VC; end if else i.V update; if i == j then if j continues to be lagging then Update j.C;
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