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The major goal of this chapter is to motivate the reader to appreciate the importance of various practical issues in dealing with the multiuser communication problem.A practical MAC protocol is needed for such multiuser communication situations and is usually structured as two complementary components: request collection and request scheduling. The former component entails receiving users requests in some way according to the user separation method used in the system, whereas the latter concerns ordering the requests so as to achieve a balanced optimization of several con icting goals, including maximizing system throughput and providing fairness. Scheduling is a complicated and challenging problem. To illustrate the issues involved in a jointly adaptive MAC protocol design, we have described in detail two examples for TDMA and CDMA systems, respectively. In 8, we proceed to discuss the various designs of several interesting packet scheduling algorithms.
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EXERCISES 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 What is the major goal of a MAC protocol Under what communication environments do we need a MAC protocol Describe two major concerns in the design of a MAC protocol. Describe the coordination achieved in the following MAC protocols: (a) slotted ALOHA; (b) PRMA; (c) TDMA with request subframe. Describe the two major constraints that need to be handled in a CDMA MAC protocol. Describe four major issues pertaining to the design of a MAC scheduling algorithm. Explain why it may not be a good idea to have a variable-length frame structure in a TDMA protocol.
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What would be the adverse effects of an inaccurate CSI in a channeladaptive TDMA protocol Why are reservations provided for CBR and VBR services What are the major constraints of using a fair queueing algorithm in a CDMA system What are the differences between the following objective functions: (a) maximum aggregate rate and (b) proportional fair
PROBLEM 1. ALOHA Channels ALOHA systems employed the simplest solution to solve the multiplexing problem by allowing every user to transmit packets whenever they want. The problem of concern with this scheme is that packets from different users may overlap and how many users can such a system serve This question lead us to compute the capacity of ALOHA channels. Assuming the packets come to the channel in a point poisson process with rate l and each packet last for a time t. The traf c introduced to the channel is G = lt and the throughput of the system is the amount of packets that do not overlap with other packets. De ne l < l to be the rate of occurrence that a packet do not overlap and the throughput S is given by S = l t (a) prove that the probability that a packet do not overlap with other packets is e-2G. hint: There is no overlap of packets if a packet do not start before t and after t seconds of a given packet. (b) prove that S = Ge-2G and show that it is upper bounded by 21e . 2. Slotted ALOHA Systems In order to improve the capacity of the ALOHA channels, a variation of the scheme is to allow users only to transmit packets at several time slots. If packets overlap, they completely overlap, not partially. Assuming users work independently to other users. De ne Gi to be the probability that user i transmit packets at the slot; G to be the normalized traf c of all users G=
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where N is the total number of users. Denote Si to be the probability that user i s packet get through correctly with no interference from other users. (a) write Si a function of Gi S G (b) Assuming identical users, Si = and Gi = and prove that S = G N N G (1 - )N-1 where S is the normalized throughput. N (c) prove that S = Ge-G and is upper bounded by 1 . what is the gain in e capacity in slotted ALOHA comparing to the traditional ALOHA scheme
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