Seamless Mobility Procedures in .NET

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5.3 Seamless Mobility Procedures
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Many people from different communities and backgrounds came to the IETF mobility community, all with the aim of finding a protocol that solves their mobility issues for a variety of applications. One of the useful things that IETF did was to define a set of terminology for the field of mobility [MOBTERM3753], to make sure everyone could express their requirements in a homogeneous manner. The list of handover types defined in that document is almost endless. However, we borrow a few definitions from there almost verbatim. These definitions help the reader understand the meaning of a seamless handover, since this term, due to countless number of misuses, has a very convoluted meaning:
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Fast handover: A handover that aims primarily to minimize handover latency, with no explicit interest in packet loss. Smooth handover: A handover that aims primarily to minimize packet loss, with no explicit concern for additional delays in packet forwarding. Seamless handover: A handover in which there is no change in service capability, security, or quality. In practice, some degradation in service is to be expected. The practical definition of a seamless handover is that other protocols, applications, or end users do not detect any change in service capability, security or quality, which would have a bearing on their (normal) operation. As a consequence, a handover that is considered seamless for a less demanding application might not be seamless for a more demanding application.
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We have already dedicated a lengthy section to describing the shortcomings of Mobile IP when it comes to providing the seamless handovers. As we mentioned, the IETF Mobile IP community tried to enhance the performance of Mobile IP type handovers by designing a variety of optimizations. Some of these optimizations were by modifying Mobile IP architecture to reduce the time involved with the registrations by doing more of the registration work at the local level. Examples of these efforts are the regional registration procedures for Mobile IPv4 [REGREQDR] and the hierarchical mobility management for Mobile IPv6 [HMIP6DR]. Other optimizations were made by improving the signaling by doing layer-2 and layer-3 handover signaling as simultaneously as possible. Examples of the latter group were fast and low-latency procedures that were briefly described in the previous sections. However, to achieve the seamless experience during handovers, some measures can to be taken that are outside the scope of what Mobile IP can do. Some of these measures are
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AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access
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beyond Mobile IP remit simply because of political reasons, such as limiting the busy charter of the IETF Mobile IP working group. The fact that Mobile IP working group has now been split into three IETF working groups attests to that. Some other measures could simply be harder to justify as inclusions in Mobile IP specification. Hence, one group (among others) was formed in IETF and called itself (chosen from among many less pleasant terms) the Seamless Mobility (abbreviated to seamoby) working group [SEAMOBY] that dedicated itself to defining procedures that are beyond Mobile IP but are important in providing the seamless mobility experience. The group ended up working on solutions for candidate access router discovery and context transfer problems among other things. In this section we will cover these two topics in more detail. Before going on to discuss the engineering details of those solutions, we would like to make a point. When more than one access technology and operator are available, each of these operators may have different pricing, authorization, authentication and security schemes. Furthermore, they may require the user to use different types of devices and even identify herself differently (phone number, user-name, member ID, and so on). The user would typically also need to use a different set of credentials for authentication for each provider, since they typically do not and cannot share these credentials. Unless there are roaming and pricing agreements, seamless mobility is not possible, even if we optimize the mobility and handover protocols to death. Without roaming agreements that guarantee network security (trust relationships) and protection for revenue loss (accounting relationships), the visited networks will not even route the MN requests for any kind of access or service.
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