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As mentioned above, the deployment scenario dictates what information is needed and hence influences the bootstrapping details. A variety of bootstrapping solutions are being proposed in IETF or used in the industry. Furthermore, the IETF Mobile IPv4 and Mobile IPv6 communities seem to be going their separate ways at the moment. However, one common theme is that bootstrapping is done in conjunction with Mobile IP registration process, even though it may add additional round trips between the mobile node and the network or between Mobile IP agents and other entities within the network (such as AAA servers). In the following we provide a brief overview of the dynamic home agent and the home address assignment for Mobile IPv4, but leave the dynamic key establishment to 8. Before going into details, we would mention that as with any added flexibility, the addition of mechanisms such as dynamic assignment of home agent and home address will bring additional complexity to the deployment. For example, not only must the mobile node be made aware of its new home agent and home address, but it also must be authorized to use that IP address. Furthermore, the new addresses must be entered in the proper authorization tables and security policy databases, wherever the network traffic is being secured or firewalled.
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Introduction to Internet Mobility Protocols
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Using Barcode reader for VS .NET Control to read, scan read, scan image in VS .NET applications. Dynamic Home Address Assignment Instead of configuring both the mobile node and its home agent with a fixed home address, the mobile node s home address can be obtained dynamically from the DHCP servers to permit a more flexible use of the allowed pool of addresses. Dynamic assignment of the home address also opens the possibility of involving the AAA server in the process of address assignment and thereby directly authorizing the mobile node to use that address. Without going into the details of dynamic address assignment, we want to point out that when the MN does not have any IP address at the time of booting, it needs to have some sort of identifier, especially when it needs to authenticate itself to the AAA server first. The industry is moving towards an identifier called the network access identifier (NAI) in such cases. When presenting the NAI as an identifier, the mobile node needs to use a so-called NAI extension along with its Mobile IP signaling. We will not go into the use of NAI for MNs and other entities within Mobile IP here and refer the reader to [MIP3344] and [MIPNAI3846].
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use .net framework crystal barcode printing toembed bar code in .net Dynamic Home Agent Assignment As mentioned earlier, the original Mobile IP design assumed that each mobile node would be initially assigned a home agent and would be configured with the IP address of that home agent. However, a variety of deployment conditions make a static assignment of home agent less desirable:
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In larger networks, the pre-configuration of mobile nodes and home agents is not scalable and hence makes the administrative cost increase. Dynamic assignment of HAs during the registration process eliminates the need for such configurations. When multiple home agents are available, it may be desirable to perform load balancing between these HAs, so that arriving MNs are assigned to HAs with a smaller load. In geographically large networks, when the MN is roaming far from its home network (for instance, in a different country), having the traffic for the MN go through a HA that is located in a home network far from the current location of the MN creates necessary large latency and network traffic. To eliminate the large latency due to the traffic going through a distant HA, it is desirable to assign an HA locally in the network that the MN is currently visiting. This is called the local home agent assignment.
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Mobile IPv4 group [MIP4WWW] is standardizing a procedure for dynamic assignment of Mobile IPv4 home agents [MIP4DYNHA]. This procedure is not yet finalized and may or may not become the de facto standard due to the intellectual property rights associated with it. However, it provides a good demonstration of how a home agent can dynamically be assigned to a mobile node as part of the registration process. It should be noted that the specification provides a process for assigning an HA to the MN, but does not describe how this HA is selected. The HA selection process can be done either by a designated HA or a AAA server or another designated mobility management entity. The process for dynamic home agent assignment according to [MIPDYNHA] is as follows: the MN sends a registration request to a mobility agent and indicates that it needs a HA assignment. The network rejects the original registration, but in the process assigns an HA to the MN and sends the address for the HA to the MN inside the registration reply. The MN
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