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the client carry a secure, portable and tamper resistant token that carries a private key and (2) have the user memorize a password, from which the client device can derive the private key. The token usually has a USB jack or a smart card interface that is plugged into a computer, but the problem is that in order to access the private key on the token, the connecting computer needs to have knowledge of a personal identification number (PIN). Hence, any computer, on which the token has been used, can be potentially used to hijack the PIN and consequently jeopardize the private key. Furthermore, due to cost limitations, tokens are not completely made tamper resistant, so the primary problem with tokens is theft. The password method for deriving the private key works so that the password is used as a seed to a cryptographic process that arrives at the private key. The passwordderived keys are vulnerable to dictionary attacks. The attacker can run many passwords through the dictionary till the password generates a private public key pair that generates the same signature as that used during the certificate-based authentication process. One of the important goals of the exercise of classification of authentication mechanisms was to help the designers and implementers to understand the strength of the authentication mechanism they were dealing with. The authentication mechanisms that belong to the same class provide the same level of strength.
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2.2.1 Generic Authentication Mechanisms
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Now that we have completed the description of all the seven classes of authentication mechanisms, it is useful to describe a new and widely used concept that the IAB calls generic authentication mechanism. The idea here is to provide a framework that can support many different authentication mechanisms and allow the peers to negotiate their authentication mechanism of choice rather than to be restricted to specific authentication mechanism. This idea is attractive to network designers, since it allows them to upgrade their access control and security procedures as newer and more secure authentication mechanisms pop up without the need changes to the network architect. Unfortunately, due to the provided facility for negotiation of a mechanism of choice, this method is prone to downgrade attacks. A downgrade attack is when an active attacker intercepts the negotiations and convinces the two parties to choose a weaker, less secure authentication mechanism than their strongest common mechanism. The attacker can then simply crack the weaker mechanism. A countermeasure for this attack is to have each peer provide a digest on the authentication proposal to the other peer. However, if the digestion mechanism being offered is weak, then this protection will be weak as well. For instance, if the peer plans to offer password authentication, providing a passwordbased digest would not provide a very strong protection.
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Using Barcode reader for visual .net Control to read, scan read, scan image in visual .net applications. Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) EAP is a prime example of a generic authentication framework. EAP has gained popularity in the recent years. The popularity arises from the pressure imposed on the network designers and administrator to not only support the legacy authentication mechanisms required to run their existing platforms but also to support the newer and stronger authentication mechanisms. However, one of the important goals of the exercise of classification of authentication mechanisms was to help the designers and implementers to realize when the
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AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access
authentication mechanisms they provide belong to the same or different classes. The IAB recommends designers to resist the pressure of supporting multiple authentication mechanisms that essentially belong to the same class to the EAP framework. Also the IAB recommends designers to resist the pressure of supporting legacy authentication mechanisms due to increased risk of complexity and interoperability problems. The main advantage of EAP is the flexibility it provides to the three-party authentication models. Whenever, new authentication methods are developed, rather than requiring the authenticator (NAS) to be updated for support of the new method, EAP permits the authenticator to simply pass the message exchange for a new method through to a backend server that in turn understands the new authentication method. This way, only the backend server (typically an AAA server) needs to be upgraded. This saves the administration the trouble of upgrading a large number of NASs (at the edge of network). We will describe the use of various authentication mechanisms within EAP in 10 and for now suffice to provide a very short overview of the EAP messaging.
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using barcode creation for web control to generate, create datamatrix image in web applications. EAP Messaging As mentioned earlier, EAP by itself does not perform the act of authentication; it merely provides a mean for the negotiation between the user and the authentication server (with NAS in the middle). In a way, EAP acts like a real estate agent; it introduces the seller and the buyer and sits back while they are exchanging information and negotiating and then finally helps closes the deal. So it makes sense that EAP includes start and end messages and a bunch of middle messages. There are four types of messages in EAP
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EAP request message (authenticator to user) EAP response message (user to authenticator) EAP success EAP failure
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