AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access in .NET

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AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access
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level CA or a CA in the user s own domain (does not necessary have to be a top-down hierarchy). More details on certification paths can be found in [X5093280]. Certificate chain: When a certification path is built and the CAs sign each other s signature, they will add their own certificate including their name and public key as a way of guaranteeing their signature as well as providing the user with the public keys that are required to verify these signatures. The ultimate message includes a chain certificates from each of the involved CAs. A certificate chain describes the certification path that leads to the trusted CA. The end entity examines each of the signatures on the chain until it recognizes a CA that it trusts. Another usage of a certificate chain is when the user receives a certificate signed by a CA but cannot obtain the public key of the CA to verify the signature on the first certificate. If a CA certificate that includes a CA s public key is included with the original message, the receiving entity can easily check the validity of the certificate. Due to the relatively large size of each certificate, certificate chains increase the amount of signaling. When a choice is available, the naming trees and trust domains should be chosen in a way that limits the need for use of certificate chains. Loading devices with certificates from a few known CAs may also spare the user from having to use long certificate chains. Cross-certification: If two CAs are not part of the same hierarchy, but establish a trust agreement, each can vouch for certificates signed by the other, by issuing a certificate for the other CA. It has been suggested that they can go as far as issuing certificates for the users within the other CA domain. To do this each CA needs to include a signature key so that the second CA can issue certificates on behalf of the first CA. This can of course have major security implications. CA s certificate profile: Just as a gold versus a premium credit card indicates the bank s level of trust in the credit card s holder, the certificate policy may guide the certificate-using entity to the level of trust with which she can use the public key included in the certificate, or the type of security function the certificate can be used for (producing signatures for authentication or encryption of data), or whether the certificate is issued to a user or a device or a server. A CA specifies the type of information that will go into the certificates and the contents of the CRLs. The CA must not only protect the integrity of its definition of the profile, but also make sure that all the certificates and CRLs issued conform to the specified profile. The CA must also make sure that the certificate requests comply with the appropriate certificate policy. For more information on certificates and CRL profiles, the reader is referred to [X5093280]. Certificate policies: Together with certificate profiles, certificate policies open the door for customizing the PKI and certification process for their own operational needs. We mentioned some examples for profiling certificates. Certificate policies can define how to treat certificates belonging to each profile and can provide a lot of flexibility to bring the cost of certification process down. As we will see later, they can even boost the efficiency or even security of the overall operation of the network. In initial PKI designs, each CA used to only issue certificates under a single policy. This not only required deploying different CAs for different applications (different policies), but also it required users to track which policy was implemented for each certificate and thereby to match policies with user names and directories. Developing certificate policy extensions accompanying the certificate resolved these problems. The user can simply and readily find out under which policy the current certificate is issued. Cryptographic modules: The integrity of the entire PKI relies on the trust put upon the CA and its ability to protect its private key from disclosure. This private key must be protected
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